Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Development News - Lauren Ambrose Set as Female Lead on 'Monsters of God'; Darren Mann Boards 'Let the Right One In'

Development News - October 25, 2016

TNT's Let the Right One In and Monsters of God.

  • Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) has been cast as the female lead on the drama pilot starring Garret Dillahunt. She will play Cynthia Lancaster, wife to Col. "Terrible" Bill Lancaster (Dillahunt). Her husband is on a quest to kill off every single member of the Comanche tribe, bringing wild chaos to the town of Slater. Meanwhile, she will let no one get in the way of her obsessive quest to institute her wildly feminist ideals. Cultured, strategic and ferociously ambitious, she'll go to great lengths to show that she is not defined by her role as Bill's wife. She has an agenda that often conflicts with his and has has the potential to radically redefine the frontier culture they live inside.
  • Darren Mann (Ice, Windfall) has joined the cast of the drama pilot written by Jeff Davis. He will play Lukas, the alpha male of a cluster of teenage bullies. He has made Henry (Benjamin Wadsworth) his personal whipping boy and delights in tormenting him to the brink of unconsciousness.