Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Development News - Killian Scott Lands Lead Role on 'Damnation'; Pat Healy Joins 'Monsters of God'; Plus 1 More Update!

Development News - October 5, 2016

Amazon's The Legend of Master Legend; TNT's Monsters of God and USA's Damnation.

  • Killian Scott (Ripper Street, Love/Hate) has been tapped to replace Aden Young in the lead role on the drama pilot written by Tony Tost. He will play Seth Davenport, a man with a violent past and a secret ambition to lead a revolution against American industrialists. Young left the pilot due to creative differences over the direction of the character. 
  • Pat Healy (Cheap Thrills) has booked a series regular role on the drama pilot starring Garret Dillahunt. He will play Sergeant Major Wit Reynolds, a barbarous and power hungry U.S. Army NCO who works directly with Colonel Lancaster (Dillahunt) and is one of the few at Fort Thayer to agree with his desire to exterminate the Comanche tribe. Ruthless in his own way, Reynolds makes his power known, even standing up to the Colonel when Lancaster steps out of bounds. He has a taste for alcohol and women, and no time for underlings. He has spent his entire career working for Lancaster.
  • Anjelika Washington (The Classroom) and David Castaneda (Switched at Birth) have joined the cast of the comedy pilot starring John Hawkes. Washington will play Cody, a tomboy and the daughter of Frank (Hawkes) and Tana (Dawnn Lewis). Castaneda will play Mandy Mandujano, a sweet-faced police officer who's rather talk than shoot. A true believer in Master Legend, even when he has to save Master Legend from himself.