Friday, February 10, 2017

Development News - Sarah Shahi to Star in 'Reverie'; Elizabeth Gillies Lands Lead on 'Dynasty'; Plus 5 More Updates!

Development News - February 10, 2017

ABC's Deception; The CW's Dynasty & Searchers; FOX's The Beast & Thin Ice; NBC's Reverie; and Syfy's The Machine.

  • Person of Interest star Sarah Shahi has been tapped to star in the drama pilot written by Mickey Fisher. She will play Mara, a rough around the edges college professor of interpersonal dynamics who used to be a hostage negotiator. She is brought in to help save the people affected by the dangerous consequences of Reverie, the new, immersive virtual reality program. She suffers from PTSD ever since she witnessed her brother-in-law kill her sister and niece. Shahi was one of the most sought-after actors for casting directors this pilot season. She fielded several offers before landing on Reverie today.
  • Jack Cutmore-Scott (Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life, Kingsman: The Secret Service) is set for the lead role on the drama pilot written by Chris Fedak. He will play a superstar magician whose career is ruined by scandal leaving him one place to turn to practice his art of deception, illusion and influence - the FBI. He'll become the world's first consulting illusionist, helping the government solve crimes that defy explanation, and trap criminals and spies by using deception.
  • Bridger Zadina (Bosch), Malachi Kirby (Roots) and Olly Rix (The Musketeers) have been cast on the drama pilot based on the film of the same name. Zadina will play Santiago, an agoraphobic young hacker who - after uncovering the dangerous truth behind those he believed to be his allies - is cast out into the world he desperately fears. Through his harrowing fight for survival, he begins to emerge as one of humanity's last great hopes in the coming war against rising Artificial Intelligence. Kirby will play Aaron, a lonely and out of place young man who created an A.I. as his best friend - benevolent, brilliant, supportive, and in many ways, his equal. Then recruited by the CIA for his creation, he was placed in their cyber warfare division. When the government used is work to spearhead a devastating cyber-attack, Aaron was forced to destroy his creation and flee. Now in needs of resources and money to rebuild, he seeks a trustworthy partner that can fund the recreation of his A.I. and save humanity, not destroy it. Rix will play James, the principal test subject of a secret Ministry of Defense Artificial Intelligence program. A soldier, his badly injured mind and body have been rebuilt using cutting-edge prosthetics and implanted artificial intelligence, elevating him far beyond the limits of normal human capabilities. As James becomes a pivotal player in the looming rise of A.I., how much humanity remains within him is still unclear. If James is a savior or destroyer is unclear, but the fate of our world may rest in his hands.
  • Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll alum Elizabeth Gillies has landed the co-lead role on the drama pilot remake of the hit primetime soap. She will play Fallon Carrington, the daughter of billionaire Blake Carrington. She is at odds with her soon-to-be stepmother, Cristal (Nathalie Kelley).
  • William Miller (Ruta Madre, Cinco de Mayo) has booked a series regular role on the drama pilot written by Jason Rothenberg. He will play Bosch, the swashbuckling ship captain of the Prometheus, a mysterious old soul who's still haunted by his experiences with the unknown.
  • FOX has ordered a pilot for drama The Beast written by Neal Baer (Under the Dome) and Dawn DeNoon (Law & Order: SVU). They executive produces with Jessica Shulman. 20th Century Fox Television and Baer Bones produce. The project focuses on three challenging medical cases each week. In the end, two will live and one will die. Their doctor - with a clinical fear of death - never stops fighting the odds.
  • Undateable alum Bridgit Mendler will play the lead role on the comedy pilot written by Liz Meriwether. Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (The Wire, Veep) has also been cast today. Mendler will play Lou, a messy and directionless receptionist at the National Science Foundation in Virginia. Not giving up on her dreams so easily, she jumps at the chance to go to Antarctica for a new job that may reignite her passion for science. Whitlock Jr. will play Bill, a geologist in the Antarctic research team who is a little intimidating and has no patience for idiots.