Thursday, March 30, 2017

Casting News - Ben Savage to Recur on CMT's 'Still the King'; Britt Lower Joins Hulu's 'Future Man'; Plus 6 More Updates!

Casting News - March 30, 2017

CMT's Still the King; Freeform's The Bold Type & Young & Hungry; Hulu's Future Man; NBC's The Blacklist & Blindspot; Netflix's Lost in Space; and Starz's Counterpart.

  • Telenovela alum Jose Moreno Brooks has been cast in a recurring role on the comedy's fifth season. He will play Juan Carlo, a Mexican street vendor and Casanova who Sofia (Aimee Carrero) falls for while on vacation.
  • Nikohl Boosheri (Rogue) has booked a recurring role on the upcoming drama starring Katie Stevens. She will play Adena El-Amin, an intelligent, talented and confident photographer who recently moved to New York. After being interviewed by Scarlet Magazine about her bold feminist photography, she forms a close friendship with Kat (Aisha Dee), the magazine's social media director.
  • Girl Meets World star Ben Savage has landed a recurring role on the comedy's upcoming second season. He will play Gene, a no-nonsense Securities Exchange Commission agent who dreams of making the big bust.
  • Britt Lower (Casual, Man Seeking Woman) has joined the upcoming comedy starring Josh Hutcherson in a recurring role. She will play Jeri, a co-worker who Josh (Hutcherson) has been crushing on from afar for years. She's smart and beautiful, but it's only when Josh works up the courage to talk to her that he realizes she's also a bit of a weirdo, with an oddball sense of humor that might match perfectly with his own.
  • Underground star Aldis Hodge will appear in an upcoming episode of the drama's fourth season. He will play Mario Dixon, a high-end thief with uncommon tastes. He's on the FBI's Most Wanted list for stealing luxury items. With his powerful physique and violent tendencies, he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. Though he's not technically a blacklister, he is definitely not a good guy.
  • Garret Dillahunt (Hand of God, The Mindy Project) will guest star in an upcoming episode of the drama's second season. He will play Travis, an Iraq war veteran who spent years running from his problems and is now suffering the consequences. On a chance encounter with Special Agent Reade (Rob Brown), the two men bond and Travis encourages Reade not to make the same mistakes.
  • Jacqueline Bisset, Stefan Kapicic, Jacqueline Antaramian, Liv Lisa Fries, Christiane Paul, Ingo Rademacher and Marco Khan will recur on the upcoming drama starring J.K. Simmons. Bisset will play Lydia Burton, Emily's (Olivia Williams) mother, a retired member of the UK government whose presence casts a large shadow. Kapicic will play Lieber, the right-hand man of Shaw (Nicholas Pinnock) who has little respect for Howard (Simmons). Antaramian will play Ava Fancher, Roland Fancher's (Richard Schiff) wife who comes second to his loyalty to the office. Fries will play Greta, a free-spirited Bohemian young woman who catches the eye of one of the show's leads with her unexpected kindness. Paul will play Mira, the leader of a clandestine group. Rademacher will play Friedrich, Quayle's best friend who is often called upon for favors inside the Office of Interchange. Khan will play Raash, Howard Prime's right-hand man, a loyal and reliable operative.
  • Raza Jaffrey (Smash, Homeland, Code Black) is set for a recurring role on the upcoming drama starring Toby Stephens and Molly Parker. He will play Victor, a career builder and politician from a young age. He is well-groomed, educated and officious with a sense of entitlement. There is arrogance and impatience about him. All this masks the underlying fear that he'll one day be found out... that he isn't quite good enough.