Monday, April 3, 2017

Development News - John C. McGinley to Co-Star on CBS' 'Brothered Up'; Raymond Cruz Joins FX's 'Mayans MC'

Development News - April 3, 2017

CBS' Brothered Up and FX's Mayans MC.

  • John C. McGinley (Scrubs, Stan Against Evil) has been cast on the comedy pilot starring Romany Malco and Adhir Kalyan. He will play Commander Lee, who treats his officers with respect and dignity and always tries to ensure that the team is happy. His casting won't interfere his starring role on the second season of IFC's hit comedy Stan Against Evil.
  • Raymond Cruz (Breaking Bad, Major Crimes) has joined the cast of the drama pilot spinoff of Sons of Anarchy. He will recur as Che "Padre" Romero, a full patch member of Mayans MC, Santo Padre and the founder of a local Mexican MC. With road-worn experience, he keeps a paternal eye out for the club. He is the voice of reason amongst the chaos.