Thursday, June 1, 2017

Development News - Mark-Paul Gosselaar to Star in FOX Drama Pilot 'The Passage'

Development News - June 1, 2017

FOX's The Passage.

  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saniyya Sidney, Genesis Rodriguez, Brianne Howey, BJ Britt and Jennifer Ferrin have been cast on the drama pilot written by Liz Heldens. Gosselaar will play Brad Wolgast, a federal agent still reeling from a recent tragedy that has effectively destroyed his marriage. Although he balks at kidnapping Amy, who has been targeted for the unholy government experiment, he then goes on the run with her, with a veritable army of Feds on his heels. Sidney will play Amy, a physically fit, outspoken, smart and self-possessed girl who may not ultimately be able to escape her fate. But she is going to save the human race. Rodriguez will play Alicia, Peter's friend and potential love interest who battles by his side to contain the ramping infection unleashed by Project Noah. Howey will play Shauna, a condemned murderer who has escaped death row for the hell of Project Noah. Britt will play Peter, a weary young man who exudes rough authority and determination as he struggles to stem the tide of the infection that threatens mankind - even if it means he has to shoot and kill his own loved ones. Ferrin will play Sarah, a sympathetic and intelligent nurse at the hospital where the infected and dying are being treated. She listens with empathy and horror to Amy's sad tale about her experiences in Project Noah. She, with Peter and Alicia, fights to stop the infection that threatens mankind.