Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Development News - Tom Wlaschiha to Co-Star on TNT Drama Pilot 'The Deep Mad Dark'

Development News - June 28, 2017

TNT's The Deep Mad Dark.

  • Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones, Crossing Lines) has been cast on the drama pilot written by Megan Martin. He will play the mysterious character Joda. When Joda appears in the field across from her building in Detroit's north end, Dr. Polly Lewis is amused. He clears the field with a machete, and she watches a weird encampment grow as others join him. Is it an art installation? An eccentric group of squatters? In Detroit's fallow fields, these things can happen. But when Polly begins experiencing threatening intrusions into her life by an estranged childhood friend, her feelings about her mysterious new neighbor change. And every interaction with him confounds her. Intense and mercurial, Joda veers from menacing to jarringly insightful, even seductively warm. Is he a lost man who's battled his own demons, trying to build an unconventional life? Or does Joda have in him the capacity for violence that Polly senses he does?