Friday, August 25, 2017

Syfy Sets Premiere Dates for 'Channel Zero,' 'Ghost Wars,' 'Happy!,' 'Superstition,' 'Van Helsing' and 'Z Nation'

Syfy has today announced fall premiere dates for a number of original scripted programming - include Channel Zero, Ghost Wars, Happy!, Superstition, Van Helsing and Z Nation.

The second installment of Channel Zero entitled No-End House will premiere on Wednesday, September 20 at 10/9c.

The new season tells the story of a young woman, Margot Sleator (Amy Forsyth), and her best friend, Jules (Aisha Dee), who visit the No-End House, a bizarre house of horrors that consists of a series of increasingly disturbing rooms. When Margot returns home, she realizes everything has changed.

Nick Antosca created the series and serves as showrunner. He executive produces with Max Landis. Steven Piet directed the second season.

The fourth season of Z Nation premieres on Friday, September 29 at 9/8c.

The new season stars Kellita Smith, Keith Allan, DJ Qualls, Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Joseph Gatt, Emilio Rivera and Matt CedeƱo.

The second season of Van Helsing begins on Thursday, October 5 at 9/8c.

In the new season, Vanessa (Kelly Overton) and the other survivors discover old alliances have crumbled, and new connections expose long-buried secrets about The Rising, the Van Helsing heritage and the survival of humankind itself.

New drama Ghost Wars is also set to premiere on Thursday, October 5 at 10/9c.

Set in a remote Alaskan town that has been overrun by paranormal forces, local outcast Roman Mercer (Avan Jogia) must overcome the town's prejudices and his own personal demons to harness his repressed psychic powers in order to save everyone from the mass haunting threatening to destroy them all.

Vincent D'Onofrio, Kim Coates, Kandyse McClure, Kristin Lehman and Meatloaf also star.

Simon Barry created the drama. He executive produces with Chad Oakes, Mike Frislev, Dennis Heaton and David Von Ancken.

And finally, new drama Superstition will debut on Friday, October 6 at 10/9c.

The drama centers on the Hastings family, owners of the only funeral home in the mysterious town of La Rochelle, Georgia. The family also acts as the keepers of the town's dark secrets and history. Known for its haunted houses, elevated graveyards, odd townsfolk and rich history of unusual phenomena, the town is also a "landing patch" for the world's darkest manifestations of fear, guided into the world by an ancient, mysterious malefactor.

Mario Van Peebles writers, directs and stars in the series. He executive produces with showrunner Joel Anderson Thompson, Laurence Andries and Barry Gordon.

The series premiere of Happy! will occur on Wednesday, November 29 at 10/9c.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, the drama follows Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) - an intoxicated, corrupt ex-cop turned hit man - who is adrift in a world of casual murder, soulless sex and betrayal. After a hit gone wrong, his inebriated life is forever changed by a tiny, relentlessly positive, imaginary blue winged horse named Happy (voiced by Patton Oswalt).

Morrison and Brian Taylor developed the series. They executive produce with showrunner Patrick Macmanus, Neal Moritz, Pavun Shetty and Toby Jaffe.