Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Casting News - Mishel Prada Set as Co-Lead on Starz's 'Vida'; Isiah Whitlock Jr. Joins Netflix's 'The Good Cop'; Plus 3 More Updates!

Casting News - November 14, 2017

AMC's Fear the Walking Dead; Netflix's The Good Cop; Starz's Vida; TBS' Miracle Workers; and TNT's One Day She'll Darken.

  • Isiah Whitlock Jr. (The Wire, The Mist) will co-star on the upcoming drama starring Tony Danza and Josh Groban. He will play Burl Loomis, a veteran homicide detective who's marking the days left until retirement. Slow on his feet but quick with a deadpan retort, he has little patience for the department's younger, more energetic members.
  • Mishel Prada, Karen Ser Anzoategui, Chelsea Rendon, Carlos Miranda and Maria Elena Laas have been cast on the upcoming drama starring Melissa Barrera. Prada will play Emma, who is estranged from both her sister (Barrera) and her mother but reluctantly returns for her mother's funeral and to deal with the family business. Prada replaces Veronica Osorio in the role. Anzoategui will play Eddy, a sensative soul who is trustworthy, generous and passionate but also intimidating looking upon first glance. Rendon will play Marisol, who is expression of eastside youth culture: woke, politicized and deep in the resistance. Miranda will play Johnny, a stand-up guy who runs his ailing dad's auto shop and is engaged to his pregnant girlfriend but has a history with Lyn. Laas will play Cruz, an enigmatic lesbian who has a checkered history with Emma.
  • Garret Dillahunt (The Mindy Project, The Gifted) has joined the cast of the drama's upcoming fourth season as a new series regular. However, no details were immediately released about the character he will be playing.
  • Geraldine Viswanathan, Jon Bass and Karan Soni have booked series regular roles on the upcoming comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi. Viswanathan will play Eliza, who after 500 years of diligently sorting billions of human prayers in Heaven's "mail room" has finally been promoted to the Department of Prayer Response. She's excited to finally get to help humanity by answering prayers - but soon becomes frustrated when she realizes only a tiny percentage of prayers are ever answered, and they are mostly related to finding lost car keys or catching elevators before the doors close. Being the idealistic and naive angel she is, Eliza tries to solve a more serious prayer on her first day at her new job - inadvertently leading to a disaster which threatens to destroy the Earth. Bass will play Sam, a sweet, shy, kind but lovely young man who suffers from low self-confidence because he thinks he is unattractive and unsuccessful. When he meets Laura he is smitten, but too nervous to make a move - so he prays to God to help him get together with her. Soni will play God's right-hand man who confers with God in weekly briefings. A bit of a heavenly yes-man, he tries his best to handle the sometimes recalcitrant Deity, and he knows better than to argue about the big issues god has on his schedule - like blowing up Bill Maher and destroying the Earth.
  • Shoniqua Shondai (Bodied, Nobodies) has landed a recurring role on the upcoming limited series starring Chris Pine. She will play Tina, Fauna's (India Eisley) older cousin who lives in Los Angeles. She's more experienced and outspoken than Fauna's friends in Nevada.