Friday, January 19, 2018

Casting News - 'The Flash's Keiynan Lonsdale Moves to 'Legends of Tomorrow' as Series Regular; Plus 4 More Updates!

Casting News - January 19, 2018

ABC's The Good Doctor; Audience's Mr. Mercedes; The CW's Legends of Tomorrow; FOX's Empire; and Netflix's The Kominsky Method.

  • Tessa Ferrer has been cast in a recurring role on the drama's upcoming second season. Her credits include recurring roles on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, CBS' Extant and FXX's You're the Worst.
  • She will play Cora Babineau, wife of Dr. Felix Babineau (Jack Huston) and head of marketing at a major pharmaceutical corporation. If her husband has a genius for manipulating people from the inside out as he reaches into their brains and rewires them, Cora has a genius for influencing people from the outside in. Her beauty, brains and force of will, judiciously softened with poise and extreme charm, make her a formidable saleswoman, of whatever she's peddling.
  • Will Yun Lee has booked a recurring role on the drama's first season. He is known for his starring role on USA's Falling Water as well as a recurring role on CBS' Hawaii Five-0.
  • He will play Alex Park, an ex-cop who has decided to become a doctor. His former profession comes in handy as he demonstrates to the other residents that he has a keen ability to read people.
  • Following the departures of Victor Garber and Franz Drameh this season, it has finally been confirmed that Keiynan Lonsdale from The Flash will be moving to Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular for the remainder of its third season.
  • Lonsdale joined The Flash during its second season as Wally West. In the third season, he became a speedster known as Kid Flash. In the current fourth season, he decided to leave Team Flash early on to go on a walkabout to find himself. That journey will now take him to the Waverider. He will first appear on Legends in the eleventh episode of its current third season.
  • Ryan Michelle Bathe is set for a recurring role on the drama's fourth season. She has been seen in recurring roles on NBC's This Is Us and Lifetime's Army Wives.
  • She will play Celeste, Eddie Barker's (Forest Whitaker) most recent ex-wife. She is recruited to help him sell off one of his major assets.
  • Sarah Baker, Susan Sullivan, Emily Osment, Graham Rogers, Ashleigh LaThrop, Jenna Lyng Adams, Melissa Tang, Casey Brown and Lisa Edelstein have joined the cast of the upcoming comedy starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. 
  • Baker (Big Little Lies) will play Mindy, the caring, hard-working, straight-shooter daughter of Sandy Kominsky (Douglas). She keeps the acting studio - and her father - from imploding, and even though it appears she lives in her father's shadow, she is a Kominsky and beward anyone who forgets that.
  • Sullivan (Castle) will recur as Eileen, who's been married to Norman (Arkin) for 42 years and is unquestionably his better half. A philanthropist with excellent taste, she is decisive and wise, often serving as a sounding board for Norman when he faces challenges, the most difficult one being Eileen's two-year battle with cancer.
  • Osment (Young & Hungry) will recur as Theresa, a 20-something student in Sandy's acting class. Underneath her sweet exterior is a formidable actress who can't wait to show Sandy, and the world, what she's capable of.
  • Rogers (Quantico) will recur as Jude, a student in Sandy's acting class. He's handsome, young and oblivious to the world around him, which is more often than not exactly what it takes to be a successful actor.
  • LaThrop (Fifty Shades Darker) will recur as Breana, one of Sandy's acting students. Under her quiet exterior is a woman who knows exactly what's going on. She normally keeps her own counsel, but when pushed, she will tell you exactly where you stepped over the line.
  • Adams (Before the Fire) will recur as Darshani, one of Sandy's acting students. She's a creative spirit with a streak of inner-darkness, often finding inspiration from her own twisted upbringing. Compelling and a little terrifying, she's able to captivate any audience.
  • Tang (Mom) will recur as Margaret, a young and socially awkward student in Sandy's acting class. With Sandy's help, she struggles to overcome her debilitating self-consciousness, but her raw talent is limited by her own insecurities. 
  • Brown will recur as Lane, a student in Sandy's acting class. He had a difficult childhood, but finally feels valued under Sandy's mentorship. An empath with no boundaries, he takes an active and intrusive interest in Sandy's well-being.
  • Edelstein (Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce) will recur as Phoebe, Norman's troubled, pill-popping estranged daughter. Stubborn and impulsive, she often makes self-destructive decisions, further alienating her from those she loves. Her drug addiction is an ongoing battle for her as well as for her parents.