Thursday, March 1, 2018

REVIEW: ABC's 'Fresh Off the Boat' and 'Grey's Anatomy' (February 26-March 2)

Various ABC reviews for February 26-March 2, 2018:

Fresh Off the Boat - Episode 4.17 "Let Me Go, Bro"
Grey's Anatomy - Episode 14.13 "You Really Got a Hold on Me"

In 2018, it's impossible to watch every scripted show out there. There are over 450 of them. It's even more impossible to even provide adequate coverage of some of them. Great shows slip through the cracks. Some shows take awhile to figure themselves out. So as a way for me to provide more coverage, I'll just be writing some paragraph reviews of the various shows that aired new episodes on ABC from February 26-March 2, 2018. Enjoy!

Fresh Off the Boat - "Let Me Go, Bro"
Written by Laura McCreary and directed by Erin O'Malley

Eddie has really been growing up this season. Sure, he's still the outlier of the family who prefers fun over responsibility. But it's nice to see him growing up and actually being there for his friends. He's been so supportive of Nicole every step of her coming out story. He's helped his friends when they needed it. And now, it's a shock to learn that he has made the Honor Roll in high school. It's a reveal that certainly sends Evan spinning because he believes he needs to get some of the credit. And yes, it is amusing to see just how much Evan is doing for Eddie. But that doesn't foster a healthy relationship between them. Sooner or later, Eddie needs to succeed on his own. In fact, he's perfectly capable of being responsible enough that he doesn't need his brothers' help. He can actually be the big brother and help his siblings out when they need it. It's a strong main plot that understands that the boys are growing up. Elsewhere, it's nice to get this reminder that Jessica is still a person who has the appropriate reaction to seeing a dead body for the first time. She can be cold and demanding at times. She's eager to get into the nitty-gritty stuff on this police ride-along. But it's nice to see her get the support for having a normal reaction to what she sees on the job. Meanwhile, it seems like Louis is getting full ownership of Cattleman's Ranch once more. All of the Kenny Rogers stuff has been fun this season - though it's been hampered by not including the real Kenny Rogers. And yet, it's also clear that the show enjoys having Matthew around at the restaurant. As such, it needs to ensure that nothing is going to change in that world despite the shakeup in management. Of course, it's also a little early to be doing a St. Patrick's Day episode. Though that probably happened because of ABC airing these episodes as quickly as possible to make room on the schedule for the Roseanne revival. B+

Grey's Anatomy - "You Really Got a Hold on Me"
Written by Stacy McKee and directed by Nzingha Stewart

Okay, I'm fully onboard with the Grey's Anatomy spinoff, Station 19, now entirely because of Jaina Lee Ortiz's performance as Andy Herrera. This episode largely serves to introduce her before she becomes the lead of the spinoff. Ben Warren is the only character from this show making the transition. That was an interesting choice but probably not something to base an entire show around. And so, there needed to be that level of confidence in there being a purpose to this new show. And now, any doubts that one may have had about it have been dealt with. It helps immensely that Andy is introduced in a storyline that resembles the infamous post-Super Bowl plot from Season 2. It's nice when a show has an awareness of its own history. This time there is no bomb that will cause an explosion and kill characters as well as damage the hospital. But it's still a personal bomb that could kill this young boy. His life rests in Andy's hand and Meredith's ability to guide her through the process. The two of them form a connection immediately because of this case. Andy choosing to stay behind and see the outcome only further highlights their forthcoming friendship. It's very nice to see and easily the highlight of the episode. Of course, there's also the awkwardness of Ben having to try to offer up some explanation for why he would quit being a doctor to become a firefighter. Andy is so in awe of the operating room and the tone that Meredith sets in there. It's again clear that Ben has a problem of letting go with these patients. But he's still a newcomer to this job as well. That learning curve should be short though. Elsewhere, it's easy to side with Bailey and Maggie when it comes to Bailey returning to work after her heart attack only for Webber to be following her around everywhere. In theory, Arizona is right to say Jackson should back off on trying to control April's behavior. But that final moment proves just how destructive April is being right now and just how unaware Arizona was. That's a tease that could also jeopardize the surgical contest because April is the one judging the projects. Most of the work in that regard though is happening offscreen. Yes, Andy helps Meredith get a sit down with the man who holds the patent for her idea. But more time is spent on Amelia and Alex's idea that was rejected. It's a story that brings back Dr. Koracick which is a somewhat awkward decision. He's such an abrasive personality with people fawning over his medical genius. The show has to be very careful handling that in the future - especially as Alex gets closer to the young patient. B