Friday, April 27, 2018

Development News - Jackson White, Casey Wilson, Owen Teague and Jen Richards Join HBO's 'Mrs. Fletcher'

Development News - April 27, 2018

HBO's Mrs. Fletcher.

  • Jackson White, Casey Wilson, Owen Teague and Jen Richards have been cast on the comedy pilot starring Kathryn Hahn. White has currently been recurring on ABC's The Middle. Wilson starred for three seasons in ABC's Happy Endings. Teague recurred on Netflix's Bloodline and appeared in the hit film It. Richards created and starred in the web series Her Story.
  • White will play Brendan Fletcher, a popular (though sometimes clueless) jock and aspiring frat boy who finds college a little more complicated than he expected.
  • Wilson will play Jane Rosen, a happily married mother of academically gifted twins. She's Eve's (Hahn) close friend, a reliable source of emotional support and unsolicited advice.
  • Teague will play Julian Spitzer, a high school classmate of Brendan's, a smart but underachieving skater who's stuck in his hometown after graduation, trying to figure out what happens next.
  • Richards will play Margo Fairchild, a trans woman who teaches a community college course on "Gender and Society." Having recently transitioned, she is still in the process of adjusting to her new identity.