Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Development News - Diane Lane and Barry Keoghan to Play Lead Roles on FX's 'Y: The Last Man' Adaptation; Plus 1 More Update!

Development News - July 11, 2018

E!'s Juicy Stories and FX's Y: The Last Man.

  • Diane Lane, Barry Keoghan, Imogen Poots, Lashana Lynch, Juliana Canfield and Marin Ireland will star in the drama pilot based on the comic series of the same name.
  • Lane (Unfaithful, Cinema Verite) will play Senator Jennifer Brown, a junior senator in her first term who has already made a name for herself in political circles for her willingness to put personal ideals above politics. She is also the mother of Yorick and Hero Brown.
  • Keoghan (Dunkirk, The Killing of a Sacred Deer) will play Yorick Brown, a young man who is quick to use humor to deflect from his problems who may be the lone male survivor of a worldwide plague.
  • Poots (Roadies, 28 Weeks Later) will play Hero Brown, a tough and confident EMT who nurses a deep emotional trauma that often leads her to cross personal and professional lines.
  • Lynch (Still Star-Crossed, Captain Marvel) will play Agent 355, a Secret Service agent who performs the duties of her job with the utmost professionalism - even under the most unexpected circumstances.
  • Canfield (Succession) will play Beth, a Brooklyn-based knife maker who grew up on a farm and went to New York to experience the big city. She finds something endearing about the hapless Yorick and when they're together, there's the undeniable spark of two kids in love.
  • Ireland (Sneaky Pete, Flint) will play Nora, the president's senior assistant and right hand. She effortlessly balances family life with a job navigating the corridors of power.
  • Madison Lawlor and Mia Serafino will play the lead roles on the drama pilot written by Michael Patrick King and Amy B. Harris. Also cast today are Tanner Stine, Shane Coffey, Rachel Axelrod, Anne Bedian, Marisela Zumbado, Jenn An and Jade Payton.
  • Lawlor (The Honor List) will play Pam, who is effervescent, warm, with a powerful creative streak and a unique sense of herself and her talent. She begins Juicy Couture with her new friend Gela and before long, they are working their butts off to succeed.
  • Serafino (Crowded) will play Gela, a smart, determined, hard-working, very cool Los Angeles girl with a personal style that is glamorous and completely her own. After buddying up with Pam, they start Juicy Couture and begin to turn the fashion business on its ear with their own sense of style, smarts and sheer hard work.
  • Stine (Impulse) will play Drew, Gela's sexy, charismatic, action/musician husband.
  • Coffey (Pretty Little Liars) will play Jeff, Pam's husband, a talented indie movie director who is smart, funny and his wife's greatest champion.
  • Axelrod (Stoop Sale) will play Sheila, the ballsy, brash and brilliant New York sales rep for Juicy.
  • Bedian (I Promised Her Life) will play Hafiza, the mysterious and highly skilled pattern cutter for Juicy.
  • Zumbado (The Affair) will play Juana, the hardworking, no frills Juicy warehouse manager.
  • An (America's Next Top Model) will play Patti, a young woman with a rock and roll style who is Juicy's first designer.
  • Payton (Good Game) will play Lucy, an outgoing young woman who becomes Juicy's fearless brand ambassador.