Thursday, August 30, 2018

Emmy Predictions 2018 - Who Will and Should Win for Lead Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie?

The nominations are in for The 70th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. So now, it's time to speculate on who will and should win in each major category. Next up for analysis is Lead Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie.

The Nominees Ranked By Which Actress Should Win:
  1. Jessica Biel for USA's The Sinner
  2. Laura Dern for HBO's The Tale
  3. Michelle Dockery for Netflix's Godless
  4. Regina King for Netflix's Seven Seconds
  5. Sarah Paulson for FX's American Horror Story: Cult
  6. Edie Falco for NBC's Law & Order: True Crime - The Menendez Murders

Jessica Biel completely redefined her career thanks to The Sinner. No, it hasn't suddenly made her an in-demand actress toplining massive franchises. But she created a phenomenal opportunity for herself that allowed her to show the true range of her acting abilities. It was such an all-encompassing performance as well. Everything that happened on The Sinner was told through her perspective. Biel made it all relatable while also completely terrifying and mysterious. Dern and Dockery did stunning work this year as well. The Tale and Godless were some of the best TV movies and limited series of the past year. A lot of that can be attributed to the performances that they gave. A western is such a change for Dockery after her previous nominated work in a post British period drama. But the transition was completely seamless and she was such a badass to watch. Meanwhile, Dern plunged the audience through the depths of her character's trauma and trying to understand the various ways it has impacted her life since. In fact, all of these actresses are terrific. However, I do have to mention that Falco was the only thing remotely watchable with the Menendez Murders series. Even then, it was all because of the acting chops she gave to the role. The writing was absolutely horrible which does play a factor into why she is at the bottom of this very specific list.

The Nominees Ranked by Which Actress Will Win:
  1. Laura Dern for HBO's The Tale
  2. Regina King for Netflix's Seven Seconds
  3. Michelle Dockery for Netflix's Godless
  4. Edie Falco for NBC's Law & Order: True Crime - The Menendez Murders
  5. Jessica Biel for USA's The Sinner
  6. Sarah Paulson for FX's American Horror Story: Cult

At first, this category seemed like an easy prediction for who would win. Laura Dern is a beloved actress starring in an acclaimed HBO movie. It's a terrific performance as well from an actress who keeps tackling a number of wildly different but incredible roles. And yet, four nominees in this category are Emmy favorites. Dern, King, Falco and Paulson have all won previously. Not in this specific category. But they have been awarded for their work in the past. Meanwhile, Dockery received three nominations for Downton Abbey. Biel is really the only unknown in this race. That could make her the greatest spoiler because she is giving a stunning performance that is a highlight for her career. And yet, the odds just don't seem stacked in her favor. It was somewhat shocking that King and Falco got into this race because their respective series weren't all that well-received. Them being able to get nominations makes them serious threats though. King won in consecutive years for American Crime despite some long odds. Meanwhile, Dockery could finally win an Emmy after failing to get one for Downton Abbey. However the narrative seems to be swirling around Dern. She won a year ago as well. That may ultimately mean nothing. And yet, she has received nominations for her work on HBO and not for her partnership with Showtime for Twin Peaks. As such, that voting block could sail her through to a victory as well. That's why I'm predicting her as the winner.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with my predictions? Let me know in the comments below!