Monday, August 6, 2018

Emmy Predictions 2018 - Which Program Will and Should Win for Variety Special Live?

The nominations are in for The 70th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. So now, it's time to speculate on who will and should win in each major category. Next up for analysis is Variety Special Live.

The Nominees Ranked By Which Program Should Win:
  1. NBC's Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert
  2. NBC's The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards
  3. HBO's Night of Too Many Stars: America Unites for Autism Programs
  4. CBS' The 60th Annual Grammy Awards
  5. ABC's The Oscars

In this race, nothing comes close to Jesus Christ Superstar. That was such an elaborate production that was unique in the way that it reinvented the live musical format that has popped up lately on NBC and FOX. The direction was stunning and the performances were incredible. It was a very special production that was quite enjoyable to watch. Elsewhere, the Golden Globes were so significant this year because of the overall impact of the Time's Up era. The unity of the dress code, Seth Meyers' opening monologue and Oprah's big speech were some incredible moments. They were more significant than any moment that happened at the Grammys or Oscars. In fact, the Oscars this year were actually pretty tiring because they awarded the same winners who had already swept through all of the other awards at the start of the year. Yes, it was a comeback for Jimmy Kimmel with a well-produced show with no slip-ups. But that's not all that exciting either.

The Nominees Ranked by Which Program Will Win:
  1. NBC's Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert
  2. CBS' The 60th Annual Grammy Awards
  3. ABC's The Oscars
  4. NBC's The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards
  5. HBO's Night of Too Many Stars: America Unites for Autism Programs

Variety Special is the latest field at the Emmys to be split into two distinct categories - live and prerecorded. As such, there is bound to be some interesting winners in these races that may not just be based on the past track record in the combined field. Of course, looking at the winners over the past few years, it's clear that the live shows have won consistently. As such, it makes it easier for the predictions here. Jesus Christ Superstar has to be seen as the frontrunner - especially since the Tony Awards were snubbed this year. The voters have loved the Tonys in the past but couldn't get behind the Kevin Spacey-hosted ceremony because of the subsequent sexual assault accusations. Plus, there's precedent for live musicals winning here. And Jesus Christ Superstar managed to get acting nominations. That's very impressive. And yet, we can't count out the Grammy Awards either simply because they too are this big, elaborate production with several musical performances. Also, they were hosted by James Corden, who is such a favorite when it comes to the variety special categories. 

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with my predictions? Let me know in the comments below!