Friday, August 31, 2018

REVIEW: 'Wynonna Earp' - Wynonna and Nicole Learn Shocking Secrets from Nedley and Doc in 'I Fall to Pieces'

Syfy's Wynonna Earp - Episode 3.07 "I Fall to Pieces"

Lady Luck seems to have abandoned Wynonna and Nicole when an errand for Nedley goes terribly wrong. Mama discovers Doc's secret.

Wynonna and Nicole love each other but they don't always get along. They truly are like a family in that way. They have respect for each other and they rely on each other in the field. They both appreciate the love that the other has for Waverly. They are always looking out for her best interest. And yet, their personalities clash as well. Nicole has the utmost respect for the law and is a public servant first and foremost. She is very much concerned with keeping the peace in Purgatory. She tries hard to keep the status quo with the town being blissfully ignorant to the supernatural happenings throughout the Ghost River Triangle. Meanwhile, Wynonna is incredibly reckless. She doesn't have those same professional responsibilities. Yes, she is the heir. She continues to be feared throughout the region. She has a lot of work to do. But she is going to have fun while doing it. She doesn't take things all that seriously. She still gets the job done too in her own very special way. As such, it's always amusing when the show pairs these two characters together for a main story. Here, it's all about Nicole pitching herself to the most influential woman in town who will determine whether she is the next sheriff. It turns out that it isn't Nedley's decision to make. He's made it know who he wants to succeed him. But Bunny has different plans. She wants someone from Purgatory who has a rich understanding of its history and appreciates it. She wants someone from the original families. She doesn't want an outsider. This only further proves that the people with strong lineages in this town are actually kind of horrible. They are so traditional and have such reverence for the way that things should be done. That includes Bunny being absolutely horrified by Nicole being a lesbian. As such, it's necessary to watch our heroes be better than that while also doing the right thing in protecting these people no matter how wrong they are. And in the end, Nicole is still able to get the support she needs from Bunny. It just comes after a serious threat from Wynonna. Again, they make an effective team when they are working together.

Of course, Wynonna and Nicole are only pitted against each other in a contrived way here. Nedley wants them to work on their relationship. He needs them to get along. He's not going anywhere. He's going to remain in Purgatory for help. But he needs to know that this relationship is solid between the police and the supernatural gunslingers. It's not right now. It leads to the two of them breaking a mirror from the closet of potential supernatural items that Nedley has lifted from crime scenes throughout his career. The show just breezes past this being small town corruption and disrupting the chain of custody for evidence. But it's also revered as heroism because Nedley is doing his best to protect the city from the demonic forces at play. He doesn't understand this stuff. But he knows enough to keep certain items locked away. He trusts Nicole and Wynonna with this information. It just sends them on a wild adventure where a lot of bad things keep happening to them. They are being hunted by this gnome who wants to take one of them as his new wife. They also apparently broke the gnome statue from a garden that was also in the closet. But before getting to that point, Nicole and Wynonna find themselves facing off with a bar full of revenants. Wynonna tries to win a bet with them by cheating. It does not end well. The audience should always assume that Wynonna can drink more than anyone else who dares to compete against her. And yet, it's understandable why she decides to cheat. She doesn't want to risk Nicole's life even though her partner is getting absolutely drunk in this moment. Even though they don't run very far on foot, they are still able to fight off these attackers. It's a really rousing moment as well that proves that they are capable of having a shorthand with each other that comes in handy when times are tough.

Sure, it's also then amusing to watch as Wynonna and Nicole seemingly turn against one another when at the mercy of the gnome that's been hunting them down. When the creature traps them at the police station, he is making them choose which one will become his wife. They keep going back and forth about which one is more qualified for the job. Frankly, it's surprising how long it takes before Nicole mentions that she's a lesbian. And thus, it wouldn't be a very good relationship. But all of this is just meaningful time for them to be stalling. In the background, Waverly and Jeremy are putting back together the gnome that was also broken during the initial accident. Now, the action called attention to the broken mirror throughout this story. It was just a red herring though. It was not the source of the bad luck that Nicole and Wynonna were experiencing. Instead, it's this gnome statue that ultimately saves the day. Sure, it's going to be potentially dangerous to have a real-life gnome roaming the streets of Purgatory. There's no telling where he is going to go now that he is free. He was trapped in a cage for as long as the mirror stayed intact. And yet, that's not really a problem anyone should be worried about moving forward. It's just a sweet moment that comes immediately following a twisted one. That's the way this show tells so many of its stories as well. But it still gets the job done. Wynonna and Nicole deal with another threat to their lives. Plus, Wynonna stands up to Bunny on Nicole's behalf. She threatens her with the truth about this town. Bunny has always lived in denial about the demonic threats in Purgatory. She can no longer be oblivious though. If she wants the demons kept away from her, then she will have to support Nicole for sheriff. It too is a very strong moment that highlights the love that these two characters do have for each other.

All of this also plays as a lighthearted action adventure for the week as well. That too is a storytelling mode that the show kicks into from time to time. And yet, it makes a strong pivot into the personal and emotional during the final stretch of things. The main story wraps up with a significant amount of time left to go in the episode. As such, it was inevitable that some twist was about to occur. And yet, it's not the latest attack from Bulshar that threatens to destroy the team. Instead, it is much more beautiful and moving. Nicole learns that Nedley was the man who rescued her from the Cult of Bulshar all those years ago. He has always been her savior. He chose to keep this a secret from her. But he has always been her guardian angel looking after her. He was always watching her closely in the hopes that her life would turn out fine despite this horrific tragedy. He can still offer no explanation for how she got onto a canoe and was able to get to safety. He was just fortunate to discover a survivor. She has no recollection of any of this. And yet, she is so incredibly grateful as well. She always felt the calling to serve in the Ghost River Triangle. It's a place that could forever be haunted and damaged for her because of what happened in the forest. However, it's the place where she has found love and purpose. She is going to be the next sheriff of Purgatory. She has a father figure in her life who actually cares what happens to her. She has long been estranged from her parents. They were never the best guardians for her. She had a life of feeling uncomfortable. And now, it's so rewarding to know that she belongs here and is loved by so many. That's absolutely beautiful to watch as the two embrace their true feelings for one another.

As if that weren't enough to end the episode on an emotional high note, the show continues to rip the audience's hearts out with a confrontation between Wynonna and Doc. It's a pivotal episode for them as well. Doc has spent the day with Mama Earp. She is preparing to leave her family once more. She is running away in search of Julian. She needs to help him. And yet, she does so by also making her daughters' lives more complicated. She frees Bobo who may very well try to kill the Earp heir once more. He could easily join forces with Bulshar if he wanted to. Wynonna and Waverly are left behind to pick up the pieces. She can't even face them as she leaves town in search of her greatest love. This probably isn't goodbye for good though. She will come back just in time for the final conflict with Bulshar probably. But it's so emotional because it's the mother once again choosing to abandon her daughters when they need her love and support the most. They are left behind to unpack the damage she has caused. The only safety Mama Earp hopes to give is by warning Wynonna about Doc. It's very meaningful that the truth about his turn into a vampire isn't kept for very long. He's not acting as a member of the team and trying to hide his new nature from them. Instead, he has been hiding out for a week avoiding Wynonna. He was so desperate for immortality. But now, he's realizing the cost it could have on his relationships. He is pushing everyone away. That may only bring him back to Kate. Right now, it's just heartbreaking to watch as Wynonna is confronted by this monster instead of the man she loves. She is destroyed because of it as well. She no longer wants to see him again. She is grateful for Bulshar's ring. But that's also the last gift she expects from Doc. He is off the team and that creates a very uncertain future for everyone involved especially because the threat from Bulshar is still great.

Some more thoughts:
  • "I Fall to Pieces" was written by Noelle Carbone and directed by Grant Harvey.
  • Was it just a coincidence that Bunny faints, Nicole's police car is stolen and the criminals wind up at a dive bar full of revenants? Waverly and Jeremy certainly thinks it's suspicious. The gnome is following Wynonna and Nicole around knowing that they are responsible for breaking the mirror and the gnome statue. And yet, there's no real confirmation also saying that he was responsible for this bad luck. Bunny simply fainted when she saw the creature.
  • Wynonna really is encouraging people to drink on the job. She sits down with Nedley at Shorty's as they chat about the picture she has just found. That allows the confirmation that Nedley was the man who rescued Nicole. But then, Nicole is more than fine celebrating with a beer once they emerge safe and sound after this very trying and difficult day.
  • It certainly would be amusing to see Wynonna as the sheriff of Purgatory. It's the position that Earp heirs have held in the past. Ward was the sheriff before Nedley. And yet, it's not a responsibility she has ever wanted in her life. She is more than willing to be playful about the offer from Bunny. This woman understands the importance that Wynonna has in keeping the peace. But Wynonna still advocates for Nicole.
  • Jeremy is determined to discover where Bulshar has moved his new base of operations. Last week offered a key disruption to whatever his grand plans for the Ghost River Triangle are. And yet, Jeremy isn't able to make any progress with this investigation. In fact, after Waverly walks in on him asleep at his desk, there really isn't update given at all. It's just something the audience should remain aware of moving forward.
  • Things are still running pretty hot and heavy for Wynonna and Charlie. Sure, it also seems like they are only capable of hooking up in vehicles. Last week, it was his truck. This week, it's the fire truck that is parked in the middle of the station with his co-workers nearby. And yet, Wynonna isn't ashamed of walking off the vehicle and through the crowd of onlookers. Of course, she also drew attention to herself through the blaring of the horn.