Monday, September 17, 2018

REVIEW: HBO's 'Insecure' - 'High-Like' & 'Ready-Like'

HBO's Insecure - September 2018 Reviews

3.05 "High-Like"
3.06 "Ready-Like"

In 2018, it has become very difficult to keep up with every television show out there. It's even more difficult to provide adequate coverage on this site about the episodes that air every week. As such, this post will offer some paragraph reviews of each individual episode that a show airs in a given month. It may not get full coverage because of my busy and hectic viewing schedule. But it also affords a space for me to jot down my thoughts on the various episodes. And so, here are my reviews of the episodes that aired in September 2018 for HBO's Insecure.

305. "High-Like"
Written by Regina Y. Hicks and directed by Millicent Shelton

This may be the funniest episode that Insecure has ever produced. There are so many great comedic beats on display here - Issa's continuing adventures with Lyft, Kelli taking an edible, Molly squared, Kelli getting hit with a taser and peeing, etc. It's also one of the sexiest episodes. That sex scene on the ferris wheel between Issa and Nathan is so hot. The moment that they got stuck all alone up there it seemed inevitable that it would head in that direction. But it was still so intense and steamy. Sure, the audience may still be waiting for the other shoe to drop with Nathan. Right now, he seems like such a perfect, uncomplicated love interest for Issa after a ton of melodrama with Daniel and Lawrence. Sure, it's also easy to understand why Issa is completely avoiding the looming disaster of her not having a job. She throws herself so intensely into this girls weekend with Molly, Kelli and Tiffany. It's suppose to be a fun adventure at Coachella where they see Beyoncé and celebrate Tiffany before she gives birth. Neither of those things happens though. In fact, Tiffany is still pretty underdeveloped as a character. It's such a fascinating idea for the show to explore friend groups falling apart though. They all want to remain as tight as they have always been but Tiffany feels like she can no longer keep up with her girls especially with a baby and new responsibility coming for her. Plus, Issa and Molly are always going to remain the priority focus for the series. And so, this friend group could fall apart without it dramatically changing the show. It's just bound to set up a very interesting conflict for the remaining episodes of the season. Of course, the show is teasing that drama at the exact moment in time where it reminds the audience that it isn't going to be saying goodbye to long-standing cast members despite previous assertions. The episode ends on the cliffhanger of Issa running into Lawrence and Chad at a 7-Eleven. That is so completely unexpected and shocking. The creative team told the audience that this was a season without Lawrence. And now, he's back. It feels like it happened just to satisfy those fans who are really obsessed with the character. However, the season has already proven that it doesn't need Lawrence or stories centered around him in order to thrive creatively. In fact, this season has had a fantastic run of episodes lately showing the creative depths that can be explored with Issa and Molly. So, Lawrence has to return with a purpose instead of showing that things can't change too much even when they are teased with doing exactly that. A-

306. "Ready-Like"
Written by Laura Kittrell and directed by Liesl Tommy

Issa and Molly are best friends. Kelli and Tiffany have been a part of that friend group as well. But their bonds with the other two haven't been as strong. Kelli and Tiffany aren't off leading their own stories away from the central duo. They are still vital components to the show though. In fact, this season has really been analyzing how friends change over the years. It's very telling when Issa and Molly didn't offer to throw this baby shower for Tiffany. They just never thought to do it. They believe they are the best of friends. But they are completely surprised when they arrive and the entire event is already set up because Tiffany has new friends who may better understand her new life. But it's equally heartbreaking to watch as Kelli feels betrayed because she did offer and Tiffany didn't accept. That's hurtful. But it's equally painful when Tiffany learns that Kelli left early. These are friends who love each other. And yet, they don't know how to keep the friendship evolving based on these life changes that are happening to them. Tiffany and Derek are a stable couple. They are moving to the next stage of life together. As such, the fear sets in that that could push Issa, Molly and especially Kelli out. Meanwhile, it's just as fascinating to see Issa and Molly confronted by their old relationships. In fact, it highlights just how much Issa and Lawrence have grown and matured. Sure, Lawrence is still basically living the same life he was living in Season 2. He is fucking and working. That's about it. But he's no longer doing it out of resentment. He doesn't believe he could ever date Issa again. But he no longer holds contempt towards her. They are perfectly civil with one another. Of course, it's also very telling that the show introduces a potential problem with Nathan the second that Lawrence comes back into Issa's life. That could be signaling a split that may lead to a shocking reunion with Lawrence. That would be unexpected. And yet, it wouldn't be unearned either because of how much charm and chemistry they still have with one another. Meanwhile, there is no love lost between Molly and Dro. She was perfectly reasonable in wanting clear boundaries in their relationship. That was always going to be for the best especially since he and Candace were apparently trying to get pregnant. However, Dro is still acting childish about it all because he takes it as a rejection of him completely. Molly makes the effort to be friendly. He doesn't want that at all because of what happened between them. And so, she may just be reacting when she agrees to go on a date with Andrew. And yet, he still seems like a promising guy for her as well. A