Friday, September 7, 2018

REVIEW: 'Wynonna Earp' - A Former Enemy Returns to Help Bulshar's Mission in 'Waiting Forever For You'

Syfy's Wynonna Earp - Episode 3.08 "Waiting Forever For You"

It's Date Night in Purgatory, which means dressing up, drinking and fighting demons, as a formidable former foe stalks the gang.

Everyone is still shocked by the news that Doc has turned into a vampire. At first, Wynonna was choosing to keep it a secret. She wasn't talking about the specific reason why she pushed Doc away from the team. Of course, it doesn't stay a secret for very long. Doc drinks Robin's blood which sends Jeremy freaking out and blurts it to Waverly and Nicole. All of this is important because it shows that Doc is still causing trouble in Purgatory and for the team of heroes. In fact, he seems a danger to them because he has become the creature that they are now suppose to hunt. The season started with vampires invading the town and the team needing to kill them. And now, there are two of them still here. Wynonna is more than comfortable trapping Doc while going to confront Kate. But it's also fascinating to see how all of this forces Kate to be more forthcoming about her past relationship with Doc. Now, the show has gone back and forth on whether she has always been a vampire or she was turned after Doc was thrown into the well. She has claimed both throughout this season. And now, she opens up to Wynonna even though they are both pointing guns at each other. In fact, that's quite an amusing visual. Wynonna even gets distracted enough while Kate is telling this story that she loses peacemaker. Sure, she gets it back shortly thereafter because something even crazier happens. But this is a captivating story. It highlights how much Doc has grown over the past century. His time in the well and with the team have actually done him some good. But it also highlights his selfish and destructive tendencies. Those also come into play with his decision to become a vampire. He wasn't tricked by Kate. Doc has his reasons for this. They are just reasons that may not be completely accepted by the team right away. He believes he is doing the right thing because he cares about what happens to his friends in this fight happening in the Ghost River Triangle.

Kate's story actually showcases Doc when he's a bit of a jerk. He's the man he was ashamed to be who was destined to go to Hell upon death. He is a selfish individual who stands up for Kate only in order to get into bed with her. Of course, this leads to an ongoing relationship between the two of them. But it also never feels like a marriage. One where they are dependent on each other and can rely on each other for whatever happens in their lives. Kate is falling in love with Doc. Meanwhile, Doc is more concerned about what is going to happen throughout the day. He cannot say that he loves her as well. In fact, these are some of his final moments of being a mortal. She abandoned him right when he got sick. She wasn't there to comfort him or help him make this decision. Instead, he sought out Constance and was immediately tricked by her. He got his immortality but was thrown into the well. When Kate finally did return, Constance teased that she would never find where Doc was. As such, she became a vampire in order to search for him for all of eternity. It's sweet and romantic. She is making this huge sacrifice for the man that she loves. And yet, he was discovered and freed by another woman. He is now in love with that woman. He is proud to proclaim that as well. He loves Wynonna and will do anything to protect her. He became a vampire in service of her. He wants to be alive for as long as she lives and is fighting because of the Earp curse. He doesn't want to be taken away from her like Dolls was. He is doing all of this for her. That too is sweet. Wynonna just has to confront both Kate and Doc in order to get this confession out of them. It shouldn't be this hard. And yet, it is because all involved struggle with expressing their feelings.

Meanwhile, all of this is more personal because Bulshar has revived Constance. She isn't returned to her former human form though. She isn't brought back to life like Bobo was last season. Instead, she is a petrified monster. Her head is put back on top of her body. But she's still just a vessel to do a mission for her husband. That's all that he asks of her. She must now be of complete service to him. He brought her back for one reason only. He is looking for the cards that would have outlined his future when he went to Kate for a reading all those years ago. The card that told his future is now the key to unlocking the present and what he has long been searching for. At times, it seems like Constance is looking for the ring in the hopes of returning it to Bulshar. But instead, the ring is used against her because it keeps being returned to the team of heroes. Sure, things are still pretty intense whenever Constance does show up. Charlie is surprised by her sudden appearance and doesn't know what to do. He frees Doc only because he has a way of attacking her and a place to imprison her for the immediate future. It would be sweet poetry for him to throw her down the well where she kept him prisoner for a century. However, that's not the fate that comes for her across this episode. Instead, she retrieves these cards for Bushar. After that, he completely abandons her. She is now a monster in this world with no purpose. As such, it's easy for Wynonna to have sympathy for her. She can give her the death that she actually deserves in this moment. It's a sense of clarity that comes at the end of a life worth lived. Sure, Constance has constantly been a thorn in the team's side. But now, the right thing to do is kill her with peacemaker. Plus, it inspires Wynonna to figure out what the cards were that Bulshar was so desperate to find.

That leads to the big revelation that Bulshar is in search of the Garden of Eden. That is yet another way that the show is becoming even more biblical this season. First, it introduced angels with Waverly having that in her DNA. And now, the picture of Paradise is the grand secret that has been kept by the Ghost River Triangle for all of these years. It brings Bulshar's mission into sharp focus. Sure, it doesn't explain everything that he has done this season. He was still been involved in a bunch of random stories that are bound to come together in an exciting way over the final episodes. But now, it's clear that he has been searching for this paradise. He has been communicating with the trees and changing the entire ecosystem for this profound location that has long been talked about in Christianity. And now, Robin teases that he has finally found it. That means that Bulshar will continue to act one step ahead of the team moving forward. Wynonna is just now learning about what the demon is planning. There is still no explanation for why Bulshar is trying to find the Garden of Eden though. It could be the way for demons to move on or escape the Ghost River Triangle. Or it could be something else entirely. Bulshar is after it and he is bound to corrupt it in some way. That would ensure that it is no longer paradise. That means that Wynonna and the team will have to act quickly in order to find it themselves. As such, Wynonna and Doc reunite with the understanding that this is a mission they must complete. Wynonna may be angry with Doc because of this massive betrayal. But she also has to accept his help because she will need all that she can get heading into this battle with Bulshar. Even then, it may not be enough because the demon is still able to sneak up on them.

And finally, Robin is fully welcomed onto the team with him realizing that a bunch of crazy and supernatural things happen on a weekly basis in Purgatory. Jeremy has wanted to keep him as this sane corner of his life. A portion of reality that could just be happy for him. Then, Doc goes out and bites Robin. That is followed by Robin seemingly becoming possessed when he is actually tapping into the network that Bulshar has with the trees. As such, he is becoming an inside mole to inform the team about what is going on with Bulshar and what he is planning. It's still absolutely creepy watching him lick that potato and be all hunched over in the corner of the barn. This isn't the Robin that Jeremy and Waverly know. In fact, it's a very confusing time for everyone involved because Bulshar's ring keeps returning to Nicole. That leads Waverly to believe that Nicole is actually proposing to her. Her answer would obviously be yes but that's not what this moment is about. And yet, it's clear that the ring is forming an attachment to the team with it now finding a place on Waverly's finger. She also unlocks powers that no one else had. That means that she too will play a very important role in the conclusion of this story. She provides another clue that points to the Garden of Eden as being Bulshar's prime objective for the season. But she is also able to knock Constance clear across the room with one swipe of her hand. This ring makes her more powerful. And now, it cannot be removed from her finger. That could make her a target for Bulshar who desperately wants it. But it also makes her powerful. And yes, there is power in the truth being out there for everyone to accept. Robin and Charlie are seeing more of the crazy world that the heroes deal with on a weekly basis. And now, they too are completely willing to fully accept it because they have love for Jeremy and Wynonna.

Some more thoughts:
  • "Waiting Forever For You" was written by Caitlin D. Fryers and directed by Grant Harvey.
  • It's a lot of fun seeing Wynonna and Jeremy just hanging out at the top of the episode. They haven't always been the best of friends. That's what makes them a more unusual character pairing. And yet, it's so amusing as well as they banter about the pool table at Shorty's being used for so many things. Plus, Jeremy gets his revenge by making sure Wynonna can't ignore Charlie forever. 
  • The show really is just teasing the audience with that fake proposal between Nicole and Waverly. As such, it seems inevitable that the season will conclude with the two of them getting engaged. That would be a huge moment for their relationship and one that definitely feels earned. There's no reason not to do it now especially after how Waverly makes her feelings known when she misreads the situation here.
  • Things are moving very quickly for the new relationships this season as well. Wynonna and Charlie go out on an actual date instead of just hooking up. That too is full of fun banter that shows that he is game for just about any crazy situation that Wynonna may throw at him. Meanwhile, Jeremy is already ready to say that he loves Robin just because his new boyfriend is in harm's way from the town's latest demonic threats.
  • Jeremy also reveals a very traumatizing event that happened during his childhood. He was in a car accident and was stuck with his mother's dead body for three days. After that, he was always able to sense when his friends where scared. This isn't revealed in some big, emotional moment. Instead, it's just a summation of some of the crazy things that have happened to the characters to show that it's okay and normal for Robin to be talking to trees.
  • Is the Garden of Eden going to be connected to those stairs in the woods that Jeremy and Robin once discovered? That was what I immediately thought about after this reveal. Those steps are still a mystery. They don't appear in any pictures. They also vanish just as frequently as the trees move around. As such, paradise is elusive and people have to know exactly where to look in the Ghost River Triangle. But now, Bulshar seemingly knows the answers.