Friday, October 5, 2018

REVIEW: 'Big Mouth' - Jessi and Missy Learn About Body Positivity from Connie in 'What Is It About Boobs?'

Netflix's Big Mouth - Episode 2.02 "What Is It About Boobs?"

A classmate's booming bosom sends the boys into a rapture - and leaves the girls with a raging case of insecurity. Coach Steve drops a bombshell.

In 2018, it makes no sense to provide full-length reviews of each individual episode for shows released all at once on the streaming services. Sure, there are some shows out there that value the power of the episode. They do make a point in differentiating each episode to ensure it's not just one big slog to the finish. However, the ability to watch the entire season at one's own viewing pace has largely changed the way we consume and discuss these shows. So, some brief summary thoughts are really all that's actually necessary with these seasons. As such, here are my latest thoughts on the next episode of Netflix's Big Mouth.

"What Is It About Boobs?" was written by Kelly Galuska and directed by Bryan Francis

Big Mouth has always been about the changes that come from puberty and how everyone feels like a disgusting monster. And now, it's so fascinating watching the show tackle the sexual objectification of women. None of the men at the school noticed Gina until she grew boobs. And now, that's all that they can think about. It's so ridiculously over-the-top to watch Andrew just fantasize about them in so many different ways. He wants to marry these boobs. Not the person they are attached to. Just the boobs. He wants to be consumed by them in a world that is only boobs. He's rightfully beaten up for these fantasies as well. Sure, it's just as important for him to be called out for his horrible and oppressive views on female bodies. He does apologize to Missy for contributing to her feeling guilty about her body. And yet, Andrew wasn't the reason why Missy was feeling that way. Instead, it was her own raging hormones and the many conflicting opinions on how she should view her body. Her classmates are telling her that she should be embarrassed because she's flat chested. She isn't a full women until she has to wear an uncomfortable bra while drawing the attention of guys. That's absolutely horrifying. But those thoughts still seep their way into her brain as well. It's not even a hormone monster that is making her depressed and ashamed. Instead, it's just a mirror version of herself who is ridiculing her with all of these thoughts of never being good enough. Not even fantasy Nathan Fillion is able to come over these putdowns. He too is made to feel self-conscious about his appearance and fame. All of this is what makes it so empowering and fantastic when Missy and Jessi go to a Korean spa to learn more about women being comfortable in their own bodies. That's a striking moment that really has a lot of fun with its concept. Sure, the audience should probably wonder if this is an appropriate place for the two of them to be. And yet, the show sets it all to a fantastic song called "We Love Our Bodies." It's just perfectly blunt and freeing with this showcase of the many different forms of outward appearance women can have. Each little detail should be loved and appreciated because it's what makes each person unique. It's an infectious song that makes Jessi and Missy feel confident with themselves once more. Sure, they have to bottle all of that up once more when they return to school. In fact, Jessi doesn't even make it out of the Korean spa before she is confronted by her complicated home life. She runs into Cantor Dina in there. She has a stunning body that seems like the perfection everyone is chasing. Connie sees that as the reason why Dina is able to turn so many women gay. And yet, that's not how sexuality works. But in this moment, Jessi is looking to her mom for answers as to why she destroyed their family and if this is going to be how things are now. And yet, Shannon doesn't have those answers. Just because she's an adult doesn't mean she has her life figured out. This relationship with Dina may not even be healthy because Shannon is eager to please her no matter what. But that doesn't mean her marriage to Greg is any better. Right now, she is confused which isn't what Jessi needs to hear in order to accept things.