Wednesday, November 7, 2018

REVIEW: 'Chicago Med' - A Dangerous and Unknown Toxin Infects the Hospital in 'The Poison Inside Us'

NBC's Chicago Med - Episode 4.07 "The Poison Inside Us"

The hospital is forced to evacuate when a toxic chemical is brought into the E.D., leaving patients and the staff in grave danger. Stuck in an elevator, Dr. Charles and Dr. Manning are forced to take drastic measures with a pregnant woman. Goodwin is tasked with making difficult choices. Dr. Rhodes discovers a secret that Dr. Bekker has been holding from him.

In 2018, it has become very difficult to keep up with every television show out there. It's even more difficult to provide adequate coverage on this site about the episodes that air every week. Not every show can get full coverage because of my busy and hectic viewing schedule. As such, some reviews will now be condensed to give only some summary thoughts. But it also affords a space for me to jot down my thoughts on the various episodes. And so, here are my thoughts on this week's episode of NBC's Chicago Med.

"The Poison Inside Us" was written by Jeff Drayer & Joseph Sousa and directed by Milena Govich

Why does everyone think it's a good idea to keep lying to Natalie? She has earned their trust and respect over the years. Moreover, she shouldn't be questioning her own abilities as a surgeon. She is just as smart and capable as anyone else on the staff at Chicago Med. But here, her story with Charles revolves around the idea that she doesn't believe in herself enough until Charles tricks her into believing that he is consulting with an attending from OB. Did he not think that she would track down that doctor after they got out of that dire situation to thank her for her services? She does exactly that. She is right to be angry with Charles for lying to her and leaving her mostly responsible for this emergency C-section. He was mostly just watching it happen until he couldn't stand to the sidelines any longer. If he wasn't maintaining this lie, then he could have been a more comforting presence to both doctor and patient. Instead, he embraces an "ends justify the means" mentality in order to get Natalie to accept what he did. That's absolutely horrifying though. It's even more tragic when she comes downstairs and is greeted by Will who is suffering from an ulcer. Moreover, the show really seems to be suggesting to the audience that it's his new stress with Ray and the FBI that has led to this condition even though there is the throwaway line saying research proves bacteria causes ulcers and not stress. It's ridiculous and shows that the drama will go around what the medical community says in order to present something that is very dramatic and tense for the main characters. There were moments were this felt like a possible side effect from the toxic exposure in the emergency department. Instead, it's something that will mostly go away on its own. It's a rushed development right at the end to ensure that Natalie is forever worried about the man who claims to love her but is keeping this huge portion of his life a secret from her. That's just so annoying. She really deserves so much better than what anyone at this hospital is capable of giving to her. Elsewhere, Choi and April send Emily and Bernie off to Las Vegas and a new complication immediately presents itself for their relationship. April isn't wrong to believe that things are over with Choi. The introduction of his sister proved the serious problems that they had together. And now, it's clear that he is trying to save her from being exposed to this dangerous toxin. He wants to be the one to carry the brunt of the consequences. Even though it's still released, the hospital is able to be evacuated and quarantined long enough so that no one deals with any major issues. Of course, the culprit dies as a result of all of this. He doesn't fight it because he wants to be reunited with his wife who died in the hospital a year ago though no one really remembers her. Things remain precarious for Choi for awhile until the toxin is identified and can be treated. Now would have been a somewhat awkward time for him to die. But it was possible. Moreover, it proves how much April still loves him. But when he wakes up, it's a different girlfriend who is there to greet him. Instead, Vicki makes her sudden return. That's unexpected and may present a new obstacle for Choi and April to get back together. Now, Choi and Vicki were never the most engaging couple - mostly due to Cynthia Addai-Robinson's busy schedule. She left mostly because she was a regular on USA's Shooter. After that show's cancellation, she is back in Chicago. But this visit may too be cut short because she has already booked a regular role on the next season of Starz's Power. So, this may still be inevitably building to a Choi-April reunion.