Thursday, November 29, 2018

Development News - Jorge Diaz and Eliza Bennett to Star in Amazon's 'People Just Do Nothing'

Development News - November 29, 2018

Amazon's People Just Do Nothing.

  • Jorge Diaz, Eliza Bennett, Andre Hyland, Conner McVicker and Amir Talai will play the lead roles on the comedy pilot written by Mehar Sethi.
  • Diaz (The Long Road Home) will play Koyote, a charming, handsome blowhard, and the leader of a DJ crew called Whet Desert. He's convinced they're about to take over the planet, but first he needs to take over North Las Vegas.
  • Bennett (Sweet/Vicious) will play Krystal, Koyote's girlfriend and the mother of their daughter, Kitty. Right now, she works at a strip-mall hair salon, but her real dream lies in her beauty and wellness blog, believing she's an influencer in the making.
  • Hyland (Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping) will play Beats, Koyote's dopey sidekick and childhood best friend. He believes Koyote's leadership will bring them fame and fortune, because Koyote told him so.
  • McVicker (Vice Principals) will play Brody, an enthusiastic, drug-addled former pro skater with a terrible memory and great hair. He is Koyote's "intern" and the kid-brother of the DJ crew.
  • Talai (LA to Vegas) will play Farouk, an exuberant, fast-talking huckster and owner of a local auto-body shop. He desperately wants to be one of the guys, and the guys are desperate to prevent this.