Sunday, December 30, 2018

REVIEW: 'Angie Tribeca' - Angie and AJ Go Undercover to Stop the Vice President from Destroying the Country in 'Air Force Two'

TBS' Angie Tribeca - Episode 4.10 "Air Force Two"

After stealing the Louisiana Purchase and kidnapping Cardin, Tribeca and AJ are wanted fugitives. Tribeca goes undercover one last time to expose Vice President Perry.

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"Air Force Two" was written by Ira Ungerleider and directed by Rashida Jones

As has been mentioned numerous times over the course of the series, the twists and turns in the plot don't always have to make sense for it to still be effective and funny in the moment. This is a show that isn't asking the audience to think too hard or keep track of some complicated main narrative. This season was all about the French trying to steal back the Louisiana Purchase with some agents in the U.S. government assisting them in that venture as a power grab for themselves. And now, all it takes is Angie going undercover as the French diplomat Pierre Cardin to stop Vice President Perry before he can make the trip across the Atlantic Ocean. Angie has put on a number of disguises in an attempt to fool people. In fact, that has been a hallmark of this series. This is a show that loves putting its cast in ridiculous outfits and situations just to show how silly and stupid it can all be. Here though, Angie does actually appear as Pierre. There isn't just the suggestion that she looks like him even though she still appears to the audience as Rashida Jones. That once again gives Taran Killam plenty to do because he is now playing the lead of the show who can't do a convincing French accent even though he has been speaking with one for the entire season. It's a fascinating acting challenge that still gets a ton of laughs because it remains centered around the relationship between mother and son. Angie and AJ are trying to come together as a family. She is trying to pass along the wisdom that humanity is selfish. Everyone only does what's in their best interest in the short-term. No one is planning too far in advance. And yet, that appears to be the entire basis of the epic reveals that occur here. It was always going to be complicated for the show to explain why Atkins, Charo and Scholls were now working against Angie and AJ. They still all had to come together again in order to continue with the show should TBS order another season. And now, it becomes clear that the President ordered Atkins and Scholls to get close to the Vice President because she knew that he was crooked. This entire season it has been a huge question why Perry was chosen to become the Vice President in the first place. He was corrupt when he was just the mayor in previous seasons. He has climbed the ladder of politics which certainly paints a picture of the person who chose him as their running mate. And now, Carol Burnett pops up as the president. She too is a comedy legend who's sheer presence is a delightful surprise. Moreover, President Filcox is actually a competent person who can sum all of this up very easily. Atkins and Scholls were simply following her orders and seeing what would happen as long as they remained loyal to Perry. Meanwhile, Angie and AJ are the ones who actually take him down for his various crimes. The Louisiana Purchase isn't given back to the French. The United States will maintain that land. But it's still an outrageous series of events were multiple people get shot and yet manage to come back to life. Scholls is shot twice because of her affair with Perry. But that is all excused away in the end. Meanwhile, Angie is shot and it's essentially nothing. And finally, Angie shoots AJ and is lucky because Jay's badge that she gave to him happened to be in his pocket. He sees that as all the proof necessary that his mother does love him even though it's the exact opposite. That's very amusing and proves just how clever and unique this show continues to be.