Thursday, January 31, 2019

REVIEW: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - Gina Offers Some Tremendous Gifts to Her Friends Before She Leaves in 'Four Movements'

NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Episode 6.04 "Four Movements"

Gina spends time with each member of the squad.

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"Four Movements" was written by Phil Augusta Jackson and directed by Luke Del Tredici

One of the greatest strengths for Brooklyn Nine-Nine across its series run has been its deep ensemble. Any character can be paired with any other and laughs will be generated. It's been a lot of fun to watch as the show mixes up the character pairings each week to see which ones are reliably great. So many of them stand out in some incredible ways too. As such, it's very fitting that when it comes to the creative team actually writing off one of its main character who has been with the show since the very beginning they do so by having Gina in a bunch of minor stories with everyone in the ensemble. This is a show that works best when it comes to individual character beats. Gina has made up some fantastic and hilarious character pairings over the years. She and Holt are so remarkably different from each other. And yet, they generate huge laughs whenever they are paired together because they bring different things out of the other. As such, it's just so amusing to learn that they have been playing chess together for the last four years. This entire story makes it seem like Gina is going to rise up and finally prevail against him in this battle of concentration and awareness of the consequences. Of course, that doesn't occur. Instead, Holt is the one swayed by her argument that she just needs to project confidence and she will be fine with whatever she ends up creating. This may not be the last she is seen in the Nine-Nine. However, she is still determined to make her own way by breaking the rules. She is Gina and she is one of the most clever individuals in this world. She makes that perfectly clear in the various lessons that she gives her co-workers in the precinct. Amy is the obviously emotional one who breaks into tears over the thought of not seeing Gina every day. Sure, it's tragic because Gina constantly made fun of her for as long as she has worked here. She even misspells Amy's name in the parting gift she gives everyone at the precinct. And yet, she still puts in the effort to make Amy feel okay with exactly what she's feeling in this moment. She shouldn't try to copy another person's reaction. She should embrace what she is feeling. She should feel confident in that. That's very touching and even gets Rosa to choke up a little bit. That's unexpected but really rewarding as well. And then, Gina has the most fun when it comes to breaking into an exclusive private club with Jake in the hopes of getting a celebrity for her going away party. Sure, it's all completely frivolous. In fact, it's unclear for a little bit whether or not Mario Lopez will actually appear. But it again plays on the history that these two characters have. They have known each other much longer than anyone else in the precinct. Jake helped her come to the clarity that now may be the right time for her to leave the precinct. She is very appreciative of that. Plus, she has a lot of fun being able to turn away Mario Lopez at the door because she doesn't need some big celebrity in order to feel appreciated at this event. She just likes spending time with her friends in a setting they all love. And finally, everything comes to a very amusing close with Terry fearing that Gina is having cold feet about this entire decision. She keeps showing up to work even though she finished her last day and the precinct threw her a party. It's so surprising mostly because it would be unlike the show to put the audience through all of this if it wasn't going to go through with it completely. And then, she reveals that she was just waiting for a statue of herself to arrive in order to put it in the precinct. Sure, it will remain very interesting if that statue stays there for the foreseeable future. It would certainly be funny. But this is still a very fitting farewell to a beloved and hilarious character. One that serves Chelsea Peretti and her many talents very well while wishing her the best moving forward.