Friday, January 18, 2019

REVIEW: 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' - Rebecca Connects with Darryl's Daughter as Nathaniel and Josh Bond in 'I Can Work With You'

The CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Episode 4.10 "I Can Work With You"

Rebecca agrees to help out Darryl by offering to babysit and an unexpected guest crashes the evening. Meanwhile, Paula throws a game night.

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"I Can Work With You" was written by Rachel Specter & Audrey Wauchope and directed by Kabir Akhtar

After a somewhat wobbly and repetitive start, the final season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is really in a groove at the moment. The last three episodes have all been perfect while putting the characters in ridiculous situations that still hold strong emotional resonance for their various arcs this year. The return of Greg has really put things into sharp perspective for many of the characters. This is also the episode that goes all in on Rebecca and Greg becoming a couple once more. That's a surprising twist that still very much feels earned because the characters are in such different places now than when they last dated. Greg left for business school in order to escape the toxic patterns of his life. He accepted that he was an alcoholic who needed to make changes. And now, he's back in West Covina dealing with the people who helped encourage this destructive behavior. His father is now constantly apologizing to him for sleeping with Rebecca. And yet, that doesn't change his feelings towards her. Of course, Greg actually has to tell her that. All of the men who are developing feelings for her again have to be honest with her about it. Greg is the only person who steps up with that honesty though. These last few episodes have shown that Greg, Josh and Nathaniel are all options for her once more. Rebecca has had to decide if that's something she's interested in pursuing again with any of them. With Greg, it certainly seems as if he has put in the work to be in a better place in his life right now. That's beneficial to Rebecca. She is desperate to learn what all those guys wanted to tell her on her doorstep. She just wanted to get laid in that moment. She had that craving. And now, there are several guys fighting over her. Greg is the only one who steps up and tells her how he is feeling. Sure, he picks an awkward moment because Rebecca is also dealing with the repercussions of one of the more crazy ideas she had during a period of chaos and confusion. She's happy that she gave an egg to Darryl so that he could have another child. She also still associates that decision with a time in her life when she wasn't thinking through her actions. She is terrified that she has passed along terrible genes and that she's not built to be caring and nurturing. Darryl tells her caring for Hebby will be easy. It's not for Rebecca. It seems like a breeze to everyone else. That's when Greg decides to come back into her life with this grand confession. She could easily see him as her savior. He comes in and is able to deal with all of this baby stress for her so that she doesn't have to think about what it actually means. She accepts that though. She acknowledges that that's bad behavior that she shouldn't repeat. Her addressing that beforehand means it's still perfectly fine that she has sex with Greg on the floor of Darryl's living room. It also opens a door for Rebecca to have a connection with this child that is hopefully built on love and support.

All of this proves that Rebecca and Greg are heading in a healthy direction. Right now, they are both committed to making this relationship work once more. When Rebecca makes her way over to Paula's party, she is excited to tell her friend about what has happened. It's terrifying but also romantic. This is something she never thought could happen again. And now, it seems like the perfect reality to her. They are such different people now. But they are actually better now with the potential of continuing to grow stronger together. It's just very intriguing that all of this is framed through Nathaniel being around the corner listening in on the conversation. This isn't some big development that Rebecca wants everyone to know about. She wants to keep it private now because of her many past failed relationships. That list includes Nathaniel and Josh. They both come to this party expecting Rebecca to be there. It's an opportunity for them to show just how much they have grown. And yet, that remains an ongoing struggle for both of them. They are such polar opposites too. Nathaniel has always looked down on Josh. He has never understood how he could be a romantic rival for Rebecca. They have nothing in common. That's what makes "Sports Analogies" such a brilliant song. It proves just how inept men are at finding common ground. This is the easy crutch for them to use when any situation gets too difficult. It means that Josh and Nathaniel can work together as a team during this game night. It means everyone is supportive when Josh needs to take a photo in his underwear. All of that holds the potential for this group of friends to become stronger. However, it's still all wrapped up in complicated romantic feelings. Everyone has their own insecurities. Valencia was cruel to Hector for so long because she hated how everyone liked him more than her. And now, she's in a much better place to accept that that shouldn't be the reason to continually be mean to him. Meanwhile, Nathaniel keeps going around telling people that he's nice now. That's not true if he keeps having to say it over and over again. That lessons the power and makes it seem like he really hasn't learned the lesson after all. Plus, he is still making fun of Josh for the kind of underwear he was wearing. They may come together in the end. But they still aren't making the kind of healthy progress that will make them the appropriate romantic partner for Rebecca. They still have time though. This stretch of this season has been suggesting that romantic love is something that Rebecca needs in her life. That isn't true in the slightest. She is still there to celebrate Paula after she graduates from law school. But romance has always been a huge part of the show. And so, it shouldn't be surprising to see all of this back-and-forth at the halfway point of the final season. It works amazingly well too.