Wednesday, January 2, 2019

REVIEW: 'Grown-ish' - Zoey and Luca Try to Get Back In Sync as a Couple in 'Nothing Was the Same'

Freeform's Grown-ish - Episode 2.02 "Nothing Was the Same"

Zoey feels insecure when she realizes that her friends don't see her relationship with Luca as #RelationshipGoals, prompting her to try a little too hard to prove that what they have is special. In his first move as an RA, Aaron organizes a movie night to build community - but his film choice does nothing to help people unwind.

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"Nothing Was the Same" was written by Vanessa McGee and directed by Pete Chatmon

Zoey vowed to have less relationship drama during her sophomore year of college. And yet, these opening episodes of the season have largely been about her and Luca not being in sync just yet. They are in the same location once more. They can actually be together. Their relationship doesn't have to rely on technology in order to survive. However, Zoey continues to use that connectivity to place doubts on their bond. She is insecure and scared because they don't present as the envy of the online community. She is jealous of the relationship that Jazz and Doug have. They are the ones being propped up as an example for the perfect relationship. Zoey sees that as something that she has with Luca. She is desperate for that validation online. She is so petty about it though. She demands her friends tell her what she already knows. She knows that she and Luca haven't gotten on the same page since he came back from Paris. They are still in the early stages of their relationship even though they've technically been together for three months. They don't quite know how to be together. These issues only continue to build as well. Zoey freaks out because it seems like Luca doesn't involve her as a part of his life. He didn't tell her when he returned from Paris. And now, he doesn't tell her that he dropped the class the group of friends all signed up together. They are still going to see each other every day. And yet, Zoey takes this as evidence that their connection isn't as strong as she would like it to be. She continues to expect her life to be going better than it currently is. That's very relatable though. She wants to believe that she has the knowledge and expertise to excel moving forward. However, she is still plagued with doubts and insecurities. She has put so much trust and love in this relationship. She can make a passionate argument about how technology has brought them together and apart. It's just odd that she has to go to Aaron for advice on how to best handle this situation. He was also in love with her and wanted to be in a relationship with her. Now, he is struggling to be the RA who is compassionate but also willing to challenge the minds of the people in the dorm. He wants this to be the place for celebration. Instead, he is very much pushing his agenda and beliefs on everyone. Yes, 12 Years a Slave is a great movie. Yes, it celebrates black excellence. But it may not be the best introduction for what Aaron is trying to accomplish. Similarly, Zoey and Luca actually have to talk about how they are feeling. They both want this relationship to work. They don't want it to end just because they fail to communicate with each other. They just once again have to rely on technology in order to mend things. That proves just how important this connectivity is to the young generation. It shows how much of a necessity and a crutch it can be. Zoey is happy but creates this drama. She understands that she is making things worse by making such a big deal about it. But she is also striving for something a little bit better. The two of them are able to come together as a happy couple who can celebrate their love both together and online. But it's going to remain fascinating to see just how much this season will be devoted to their relationship drama as opposed to everything else that should be happening on campus.