Wednesday, January 9, 2019

REVIEW: 'I'm Sorry' - Andrea and Mike Prepare Amelia for Kindergarten and New Experiences in 'Quietly Bleeding'

TruTV's I'm Sorry - Episode 2.01 "Quietly Bleeding"

As Amelia begins kindergarten at a new school, Andrea and Mike learn what it's like to have other people influence her life. Plus, Andrea wonders how much she would make as a prostitute.

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"Quietly Bleeding" was written by Andrea Savage and directed by Alex Reid

This premiere is a very welcome return for the comedy. It eases the audience back into the kinds of conversations Andrea Savage wants to have. She does so by centering the discussion around prostitution, pubic hair and periods. Those are the frank conversations Andrea now finds herself having with her daughter, Amelia. It's actually quite amusing to see how Andrea gets an idea stuck in her head and needs to get everyone's opinion on it before being able to let it go and move on to the next distraction. She isn't worried about prostitution apparently happening at the public pool while she is there with her entire family. She doesn't even freak out about her mother's nipple being exposed to the world. To her, they are just parts of life that warrant discussion. They shouldn't cause anyone to feel embarrassed. However, she still enjoys putting people in awkward situations. She needs Mike and Kyle to give legitimate answers to how much money she could theoretically make as a prostitute. It's a fantasy she wants to flesh out further. She wants to believe that she would be making so much money simply because she is offering a superior product. She has the marketing expertise to actually make a career out of it. She is beaming with that confidence even though Mike and Kyle are trying to temper her expectations of what life is actually like when one has to sell their body for money. But that's also a conversation she is willing and open to having with these people in her life. Elsewhere, she is forced into explaining what pubic hair and periods are to Amelia. She hears about them on the playground during her first week of kindergarten. That's so surprising. And yet, it's the world she is now being exposed to. The entire family has to get up extremely early now to send her to school. Plus, this school houses not only kindergarteners but older grades as well. This is Amelia continuing to grow up and question the world. Andrea and Mike are actually starting to get worried about her being too pampered. She may expect them to do too much for her. As such, Andrea has to make a big deal about the rules of Candyland even though she and her mother really don't care about it at all. That too is a very realistic quality of parenthood. It's trying to impart important life lessons on children through very trivial things that don't really make one difference one way or the other. It's not even clear if Amelia gets that message because the conversation quickly shifts to what she heard on the playground. That then becomes about Andrea's reaction to it all. Mike is completely stunned at how early girls learn about periods and when it actually happens to them too. He was absolutely oblivious. Meanwhile, the kindergarten teacher already knows that it's a subject that can sometimes sweep through the students at this age. However, the show also likes to point out just how creepy and icky it is for a grown man to say the word "menses." He and Andrea are having a perfectly pleasant and respectful conversation about what's going on. But that word becomes all that Andrea can think about later on. It proves that she may continue to have doubts about the man who is now teaching her daughter. She judged him immediately based on his appearance. And now, she may continue to think that he may not be the best equipped to handle the education of Amelia. That could be a very intriguing story this season.