Wednesday, January 16, 2019

REVIEW: 'I'm Sorry' - Andrea and Mike Feel Out of Sync as a Couple Who Share Everything in 'These Are My Fingers'

TruTV's I'm Sorry - Episode 2.02 "These Are My Fingers"

Andrea and Mike feel a little off in their relationship and struggle to get back on track. Plus, Andrea realizes that there's a downside to having a child who can read.

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"These Are My Fingers" was written by Elizabeth Laime and directed by Stephanie Laing

This episode highlights how casually couples can come in and out of sync with one another. It's ultimately not a big deal whatsoever. Andrea and Mike are strong as a couple. It's just noticeable to them when they learn that they haven't been sharing everything that has been going on in their lives as of late. Andrea failed to mention a getaway coming up in a few weeks. Meanwhile, Mike didn't talk about moving offices and being surrounded by new people. They were certain that both of these facts had come up before. And yet, they didn't. As such, it sparks a sincere and engaging conversation. One that is built around the joke of them getting a divorce because it's clear they enjoy keeping secrets from one another now. But it's also just frank in suggesting that they may need therapy in order to pick up the tools of communication once more. It's not something they truly have to explore though because of an extraordinary set of circumstances that occur here. It seems like a serious suggestion at first because Mike is more interested in catching up with his old friend from camp who also happens to be the doctor implanting an IUD into Andrea. That is such an awkward moment. There is the complete understanding that the device is implanted successfully. In fact, it's refreshing that this show is having that conversation in the first place. There are many options available to both men and women when it comes to birth control. As such, it's important for the various forms of entertainment to explore all options. Here, getting an IUD is right for Andrea. She doesn't want to be standing awkwardly next to a teenager waiting to get condoms out of the locked case in the store. But this is still an ongoing conversation she and Mike have to be having. Andrea is completely supported in her decision as well. No one is trying to make it for her. This is what she wants. It just becomes awkward because the procedure isn't really centered around her and how she is doing throughout it. The device is being implanted while the doctor and Mike are catching up about how the camp has changed but the docks are still the same. Andrea is even giving Mike a look and it doesn't matter. That shows just how subtle facial expressions can mean so much in a relationship. That proves that they are out of sync. And yet, both of them rise to the occasion perfectly when a colleague of Mike's has an unfortunate accident. They are just sharing the perils of now having a daughter who can read during this lame work function that Andrea has to go to with Mike. She wonders if any of these couples are truly happy or if they are all just resentful of the lives that they have. But Mike and Andrea work together as a team once a colleague slams his head into the table and starts bleeding. Sure, it's absolutely outrageous that they are standing there with their fingers in his skull to stop the bleeding until he is taken to the hospital. It's still a strong metaphor for their marriage just needing the right moment for everything to come back to normal. Again, there was no reason to fear. This remains a strong couple that have a solid relationship built on honesty. Of course, that too may be compromised because Amelia is reading everything now and the world is a much filthier place than any of them are prepared to realize.