Sunday, January 6, 2019

REVIEW: 'Outlander' - Brianna Learns Some Shocking Truths That Upset Her More in 'The Deep Heart's Core'

Starz's Outlander - Episode 4.10 "The Deep Heart's Core"

Jamie and Claire keep secrets from one another as they try to help Brianna process her recent trauma. But the secrets they keep cause a bigger familial rift once they are revealed.

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"The Deep Heart's Core" was written by Luke Schelhaas and directed by David Moore

The show has absolutely presented Brianna and Roger as the second generation of an epic romance. Their bond may be continually tested but nothing can ever truly break them. It's the connection that Claire and Jamie have. It's a relationship forged through an incredible set of circumstances. One that can stand the test of time. However, this season has put things in stark differences when it comes to the coupling as well. Brianna has proven to be a smart and capable character who embodies the spirit of both of her parents. Meanwhile, Roger has proven himself to be more traditional and standoffish. He chose to withheld critical information from Brianna because he thought he knew what was best for her. He has been painted in an unflattering light this season. And yet, their connection still has to mean something. It's enough for Brianna to be hopeful about the child growing inside of her because of the slight possibility that it could be Roger's. It more than likely belongs to the man who raped her. Stephen Bonnet exists in this narrative to give the audience a clear villain who is the embodiment of evil throughout all of this. It makes Roger and Jamie's actions seem less bad in comparison. That doesn't excuse their behavior though. Jamie and Young Ian attacked Roger because they were mistaken about his true identity. He was sold off to a Mohawk tribe which is now traveling to Upstate New York. It's a journey that is filled with peril. One that Brianna doesn't know about until several days later. The truth does come out and she is rightfully filled with rage. She deserves to be the most upset person in this situation as well. Roger returning to her proved that their love and bond is real. Nothing can break it. Jamie was the one who took away that hope. He has to earn back her trust. He is so enlightened in many ways. He does his best to help his daughter cope with the trauma that was done to her and what she had to do in order to survive. And yet, his actions as a father haven't been the best so far. He even orders Murtagh to track down Stephen Bonnet without telling Claire or Brianna. As such, he still aims to continue this narrative. He aspires to make things right while seeking the vengeance that he knows won't be able to mend the wounds Brianna now carries. He has that mentality when he talks about his own experiences with rape and revenge. And yet, he is still stubborn in that regard. He is on the path to redemption by tracking down the Mohawk. Even then though, the show is making that journey difficult and one that could ultimately come up empty. It's arduous for Roger because he is being dragged along by horse. He is now the property of the Mohawk. They have very little compassion for him. They are just doing enough to keep him alive. They hope he can serve a purpose. But it ultimately doesn't matter if he lives or dies. Of course, they can't allow him to escape either. He does that by sheer luck. And then, he stumbles upon another collection of stones that seem to be calling out to him. Again, that seems very fated. As if he was suppose to make this discovery in order to give everyone a passage back to the 20th century that doesn't include them having to cross an ocean to get there. It may be convenient for the future of the narrative. But it may also be a cheap way in order to derive tension. Roger seems destined to travel through the stones once more simply because the 20th century is better for him. He won't be hunted or in danger there. He can start his life again without having to worry about chasing after Brianna. But him going to the future would mean him also putting an end to their love story. As such, it feels very likely that he won't be able to make that journey simply because everyone is on the path to rescue him in order to preserve this young love. That's the purpose of all of this. This hour just features many moving pieces that are still trying to find some strong themes that can connect to the overall narrative of the season.