Saturday, January 19, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Punisher' - Frank's Life on the Road Is Filled With Happiness and New Tragedy in 'Roadhouse Blues'

Netflix's The Punisher - Episode 2.01 "Roadhouse Blues"

While driving through Michigan, Frank stops for a beer at a roadside bar. But staying out of trouble has never been his strong suit.

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"Roadhouse Blues" was written by Steve Lightfoot and directed by Jim O'Hanlon

Frank Castle is a man forced to come in and out of retirement as the Punisher. This premiere opens essentially in the same way that the first season did. Frank is no longer living a life in which he needs to use violence in order to ensure justice is found. He's just a simple man on the road with the clarity that he avenged the deaths of his family. He still carries the weight of that tragedy around with him. He will never lose that as a core part of his character. However, there is a new sense of contentment that washes over Frank throughout this episode. He's a man at peace - at least as much peace as Frank can possibly accept given these circumstances. He is just seeing the world. He has created a new life for himself. It's one that was given to him by the FBI at the conclusion of the first season. He is open to the possibility of love. The majority of this premiere just focuses on his burgeoning connection with Beth, a bartender in Michigan. Even though they only really know each other for a day, they form a strong dynamic. One that provokes extreme honesty while showing just how compassionate Frank can actually be. He's a morally decent human being. He will always stand up for what's right. He will protect Beth from sexism in her job. He will also care for her son Rex when he is asking too many questions that no one would like to answer. This presents a small-town life that could be perfectly pleasant for Frank. Of course, there was no way he was going to enjoy it for very long. The teaser proved that it wouldn't be long until he was once again in full action hero mode. The only lingering question was what would happen to Beth. If the show promptly killed her off, then it would have been so problematic. She would only have been introduced in order to give some new sense of tragedy into Frank's life in the hopes of motivating his actions. She is ultimately injured in the epic fight that breaks out at the bar. However, she's still alive when Frank gets her to the hospital. He makes sure that she survives her injuries. Sure, he may never be able to come back to this town in Michigan ever again. He may never see Beth again. Her life may change because of her time with him. And yet, she doesn't die solely to remind Frank that he can never stay in one place for too long looking for something that can last. It's purely coincidental that all of this explodes for him. He just happens to notice that there are some trained individuals trying to capture an unnamed teenager. She's the same girl Frank has been innocently running into around the bar and motel. The premiere does enough to suggest she is important without spending too much time on her for a mystery that is just too cryptic at the moment. It's mostly just important that Frank will protect anyone who needs saving regardless of who they turn out to be. He doesn't know who is screaming out for help. But he knows he has the skills to do something about it. That makes him a decent man. It just means he is now on the run with this girl he knows absolutely nothing about. He doesn't know who is chasing them or how it could all possibly connect back to what's going on with Russo and Madani in New York. And yet, the premiere sets the season up with the right understanding that Frank will continue to help people and that he still enjoys it when he gets to fight from time to time as well.