Saturday, January 26, 2019

REVIEW: 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' - Titus Shares His Sexual Assault Story in 'Kimmy Is in a Love Square!'

Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Episode 4.08 "Kimmy Is in a Love Square!"

Titus opens up about his encounter with Mr. Frumpus. Kimmy bonds with her date's parents and starts seeing them behind his back.

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"Kimmy Is in a Love Square!" was written by Dan Rubin & Matt Whitaker and directed by Jeff Richmond

It's absolutely wonderful and so incredibly meta that the show features Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow in its most sincere and important #MeToo episode yet. His reporting kicked off this entire movement that has changed so many industries. It has forced a frank conversation about the way that people are treated in the workplace. It has called out behavior that is absolutely wrong with the intention of extreme consequences happening as a result. As such, it's always serious whenever he's the man reporting on these issues. It lends even more importance to the takedown of Mr. Frumpus in this world as well. Sure, it's absolutely crazy and silly that a puppet is the center of this kind of story. It's entirely about the puppet and not the man controlling his actions. It's outrageous that the puppeteer can simply appear on television with other puppets in order to say that Mr. Frumpus is a good and decent guy who doesn't deserve these accusations. However, it also delves deeply into the idea that the world still offers a ton of backlash to those survivors of trauma for speaking out. Titus has to weigh whether coming forward will be good for him. He only wants to do it because it could be his ticket to attending the Tony Awards after learning victims of sexual assault are going as the featured guests for the evening. That's a very selfish interest. But Kimmy and Lillian are both proud of him for doing the right thing. Jacqueline is the one who cautions him to stay quiet because it could provide a boost to his career. His biggest rival for acting jobs also had a casting session with Mr. Frumpus. He has already come forward which has led to every aspect of his life being exposed and exploited. It may even traumatize his very specific and weird pet. That's so unusual. However, it's so telling as well because the world may still be very tentative when it comes to listening to and respecting the stories of victims against some titans in their respective industries. The truth ultimately does work out in the end here. Titus does agree to sit down with Ronan Farrow to share his story as well. However, Titus isn't rewarded with a trip to the Tony Awards. He does the right thing. He may win back the love and support of Mikey as a result. But that's the only aspect of all of this that is beneficial to him. That may ultimately be enough though. That's a goal he's been trying to obtain for awhile now. But all of this also represents the main characters maintaining a control of their own individual power. Kimmy and Titus have both been hurt in extremely personal and violating ways. And now, they will remain strong because they can't be broken no matter how cruel the world may become. That's a very empowering lesson here. Elsewhere, Kimmy's story offers a sense of broad hijinks simply because of the various innuendos that come from Kimmy sneaking around and having an emotional affair with the parents of a co-worker of hers. She likes the bond because she never had a family like this. However, it's also inappropriate because it feels like they are all lying just to get something they desperately need. That's not healthy despite how silly all of this comes across as. It's a lot of fun while also not taking focus away from the main story here which has to be the most important conversation happening at the moment.