Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Development News - Blake Anderson to Co-Star on Hulu Comedy Pilot 'Woke'; Plus 3 More Updates!

Development News - February 6, 2019

CBS' The Emperor of Malibu, Our House & The Unicorn; and Hulu's Woke.

  • Blake Anderson will co-star on the comedy pilot starring Lamorne Morris. He previously co-created and starred for seven seasons in Comedy Central's Workaholics. He also produced and starred in the Netflix film Game Over, Man.
  • He will play Gunther, a friend of Keef's (Morris) from college who is brimming with manic energy and zany schemes, like an energy drink that people snort. He's not the type to get hung up on details, and what he lacks in formal education, he makes up for in YouTube tutorials. Yet no matter how badly Gunther screws up, things seem to work out for him.
  • THE EMPEROR OF MALIBU (Comedy, Multi-Camera) - Written by Kevin Kwan and David Sangalli. Showrun by Michelle Nader and Christina Lee. Executive produced by Kwan, Sangalli, Nader, Lee and Danielle Stokdyk. Produced by Warner Bros. Television. Logline: When the son of a Chinese billionaire announces his engagement to an American woman, his outrageous family descends upon the couple to win their son back and test drive the American dream.
  • OUR HOUSE (Comedy, Hybrid) - Written by Brendan O'Brien. Executive produced by O'Brien, Nick Stoller and Conor Welch. Produced by CBS Television Studios, Sony Pictures Television and Stoller Global Solutions. Logline: A devoted mom and dad are committed to raising their children with the love and support the mom never got as a kid, but discover how difficult that is with her insane parents and siblings back in the picture.
  • THE UNICORN (Comedy, Multi-Camera) - Written by Bill Martin and Mike Schiff. Executive produced by Martin, Schiff, Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor, Wendi Trilling and Peyton Reed. Produced by CBS Television Studios, Kapital Entertainment and Trill TV. Logline: A widower is eager to move on from the most difficult year of his life, only to realize he's utterly unprepared to raise his two daughters on his own, and equally unprepared for the dating world where, to his shock, he's suddenly a hot commodity.