Tuesday, February 5, 2019

REVIEW: 'Good Trouble' - Callie and Mariana Confess Their Struggles When the Moms Visit in 'Parental Guidance Suggested'

Freeform's Good Trouble - Episode 1.05 "Parental Guidance Suggested"

Callie and Mariana's moms visit their new digs, but even with all the Coterie residents on their best behavior things get out of hand. Dennis reveals a shocking truth about his past.

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"Parental Guidance Suggested" was written by Joanna Johnson and directed by Bradley Bredeweg

Appearances from other cast members from The Fosters can absolutely help provide solid emotional hooks for episodes of Good Trouble in the early going. Those characters can just come in with the understanding that the audience already knows who they are and the dynamics they have with Callie and Mariana. Moreover, The Fosters ended with a glimpse at what the current lives are like for the members of the Adams-Foster family. There was the understanding that Callie and Mariana's lives would continue in their own spinoff series. But it was worth noting that there were big life changes happening for Stef, Lena, Brandon, Jesus and Jude as well. Of course, the audience has to question just how invested we should be in the outcome of Lena's run for state assembly. That reveal proved that the parents were still evolving as well even though the kids were getting older and needing less from them. This hour even features that as a significant story. There is a cutaway to a time when Lena is campaigning and gets spit on by a horrifying man with appalling views. That provides solid emotions throughout this episode as well. Up until that point everything was being played for the comedy of the situation. Lena and Stef came to the Coterie not knowing what to expect. It seemed like their daughters had moved into an unsafe building where anyone could come in at any time with no expectation of privacy whatsoever. And yes, the show over-exaggerates a little bit by coinciding Stef and Lena's visit with the fire inspector coming to see if everything is up to code. And then, Lena and Stef both get stoned as they eat some marijuana cookies. Sure, it's hilarious to watch Stef perform improv while high. And yet, it remains grounded when Lena is haunted by the discrimination she has faced as a woman of color stepping into the public spotlight. It's a big deal. It's something that Mariana and Malika can relate to as well. Malika reminds herself every day of the strength of the generation before her and her determination to continue their legacies today. Mariana has to deal with the difficulties at work and accept that she is amazing. Big things will happen for her eventually. This episode also just proves that everyone needs their mother now and again. Stef and Lena bring that overall maternal spirit to the entire loft as well. Sure, they don't interact with everyone. Stef has a conversation with Dennis that mostly just paints in his tragic backstory that no one else in the Coterie really knows or has asked about. It all means that Stef and Lena walk away from this visit with a newfound confidence that their daughters are okay and will continue to thrive in this world. They just need some wisdom right now in order to deal with their problems. Callie hiding her casual relationship with Gael isn't even a big deal either. It's not something that the family has to worry about. Instead, Callie is freaking out because Jamal's mother stops by the loft which will only further complicate her standing with Judge Wilson. Ben is now armed with information that Callie has been withholding a personal connection to this particular case. Callie is told that she needs to come forward now before anything more can disrupt her friendship with Malika. And yet, she may not be given that opportunity because of how eager Ben is to prove his worth to the judge in the hopes of advancing his own career.