Tuesday, February 12, 2019

REVIEW: 'Good Trouble' - Mariana Pushes Back Against Raj and His Simple Nice Guy Narrative in 'Imposter'

Freeform's Good Trouble - Episode 1.06 "Imposter"

Callie plans to disclose her connection to Malika to Judge Wilson before Ben has the opportunity to undermine her and, in the process, learns she might not be the only one with a conflict of interest on her team. Meanwhile, Gael consults Callie for legal help for his sister Jazmin.

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"Imposter" was written by Megan Lynn & Wade Solomon and directed by Geoff Haley

Callie follows the advice of her family and confesses her conflict of interest in the Jamal Thompson case to Judge Wilson. She understands that she needs to do so now herself before she is outed by Ben. He is not her friend in this workplace. The clerks are always competing for the best cases. He sees this as a potential way in on that particular case. He wasn't expecting Callie to step up and confess her connection to Malika to the judge. Moreover, he wasn't expecting the judge to understand and keep her on the case anyway. It's clear that the judge does respect Callie and the opinion she brings to his office. Of course, he also expects some additional secrecy from her as well. She has a friend in Jamie where she can talk about all of this office drama without any worry about it completely imploding. That's very helpful for her right now. But again, it's still escalating because it becomes clear that the judge may have his own conflict in this case. His son has an ankle monitor because he was arrested by the Berkeley police and had to be monitored in order to move back home. And now, the Berkeley chief of police has been hired to serve in the same role in Los Angeles. As such, things are bound to only get more complicated. However, the amount of time spent on this specific case may mean it won't be leaving Judge Wilson's chambers anytime soon. It just ensures that the story isn't completely about Callie and Malika. There are more players involved who are much more pivotal to the outcome and who can influence it one way or the other. That's where the focus should rightfully be. It just presents a complication of the law that has Callie trapped in the middle of it. Plus, she is also trying to offer legal advice to Gael's sister, Jazmin. It's appreciated that more time is being spent on him outside of simply being a love interest for Callie. Sure, the love lives of the main characters are still very complicated. Jamie understands that he has competition in Gael now. However, Jamie still offers his services to Jazmin as well because she may have a solid case. It's a story that starts off by pointing out how difficult it is for transgender people to change their names legally if they have a record. There is no reason why Jazmin should have been arrested in the first place. And now, it is complicating so much for her. That contributes to her inability to keep a steady job. That's difficult. Seeing it up close is what gets Gael completely on her side instead of thinking it's just a personal flaw of hers because she is always looking for a fight. That's only one side of this office party at Speckulate. Elsewhere, Mariana is struggling because she feels like everyone is condemning her because of her race and gender. Her team is being given this high priority job and she is stuck doing basic tasks. It's not uncommon for someone new to the company though. It's not inherently problematic. However, everyone still makes her feel like she is nothing more than a woman who must be interested in someone at the office romantically. She wishes to stand up and show off her smarts. She wishes to empower the other women in this workplace. But that may continue to be difficult. It's so awkward as well when she is interacting with Evan. It's still very unclear where that particular plot development is going. With Raj, everything quickly implodes because he can't hide behind a simple nice guy narrative. He did more than misread a situation and try to kiss Mariana. He compromised their working relationship because he too makes her feel as if she is only good for one thing. He may have genuinely needed help with this code. However, that's not how Mariana responds to it which is so debilitating and makes her right to lash out at him. Sure, he may not be as bad as Alex. But none of his actions are appropriate either.