Wednesday, February 6, 2019

REVIEW: 'I'm Sorry' - Andrea Learns Some Shocking Truths About Her Family for Amelia's School Project in 'Extra Boobs'

TruTV's I'm Sorry - Episode 2.05 "Extra Boobs"

Andrea learns she has a medical condition and decides to have surgery to correct it. Amelia's school project on her family tree leads to some new discoveries.

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"Extra Boobs" was written by Jeff Drake and directed by Alex Reid

It's so perplexing and strange when Andrea learns that she has breast tissue in her armpits. It's not something she expected to learn when she went to the doctor to get them looked at. In fact, this is an episode that completely surprises her with the information she learns about herself and her family. She is still capable of making jokes about it though. Sure, some of them are absolutely horrifying. She knows that some of Eddie Murphy's old comedy routines haven't aged very well. And yet, she is still happy to perform them when she is coming out of the anesthesia following the surgery. She decide to have the procedure in order to feel better in her own body. She is immediately back to making people feel uncomfortable too. This episode starts with her dancing in her bedroom with Mike not really caring who it's actually suppose to be for. This is the woman he has married. She is also doing this kind of self-defecating humor in order to make herself seem less attractive. That's who she is. She is also perfectly fine making fun of him in a public setting when he tries to make a joke at her expense as well. He casually mentions having anal sex when she is just waking up from the surgery as a way to recover more quickly. She immediately tries to get him to talk to the doctor about it which is absolutely hilarious and so awkward. This show does some of the best cringe-humor at the moment. It means this season has been absolutely phenomenal so far. Of course, Andrea is right to be angry with parts of the world as well. She and David should yell at the woman who pulls into their parking spot because they clearly had their signal on which made their intentions known. They were in the right in that situation. Plus, Andrea immediately understands what aspects of her family's history are worth sharing during Amelia's school presentation. Sure, it's horrifying for Andrea to learn some of the shocking truths about her family. For her entire life, she thought she was German. It turns out she is actually Polish on her father's side. That seems like a classic example of success stories for those DNA-based companies like Ancestry or 23 and Me. The family thought they had one heritage but found out something completely different. It's never even really about Amelia either. She has to do this project for school. But it's mostly just Andrea sitting down with her parents and learning what they have to share about their parents and grandparents. Her father, Martin, completely forget to tell her that he tested his DNA and got surprising results that completely changes her worldview. Meanwhile, her mother, Sharon, doesn't immediately realize the extent of horrors within her own family tree. She doesn't realize that her grandparents married when her grandmother was 14 and her grandfather was in his 50s. That's horrifying and can't just be played off as it being a different time. And then, the entire family realizes that when Sharon's parents fled Germany in the 1940s it probably wasn't as people being persecuted. Instead, they may have had to leave because their world views were no longer welcome in that area - but they were in Argentina. So, all of this makes it clear that Andrea and David are lucky to be the people who they are. It just means that Amelia should only focus on the family members she knows and not the people who came before them because of the tragedies in their pasts.