Saturday, February 9, 2019

REVIEW: 'One Day at a Time' - The Family Keeps Penelope From Enjoying a Day to Herself in 'One Valentine's Day at a Time'

Netflix's One Day at a Time - Episode 3.06 "One Valentine's Day at a Time"

Rain ruins Valentine's Day plans, causing more than one couple to have their first fight. Schneider tries to hide his wealthy background from Avery.

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"One Valentine's Day at a Time" was written by Dan Hernandez & Benji Samit and directed by Phill Lewis

This episode delves further into the relationships that are currently developing amongst the ensemble. It's the first to revisit Mateo and Avery as new love interests for Penelope and Schneider after being introduced a couple of episodes ago. But it also confirms that things are continuing to go well for them despite the initial struggles they have to overcome. In fact, the show is presenting a case where Mateo understands every single impulse that Penelope has. That's different but something that can be very beneficial to her as well. Sure, it's hurtful when she realizes that Mateo doesn't want his son hanging out with Alex because of his recent drug problem. And yet, that doesn't really stop Penelope from moving forward with him. Again, it's all about these two people coming across as crazy because of how overprotective they are. They recognize that it's wrong and that they shouldn't let it destroy the relationship they are happy to be in at the moment. Meanwhile, Schneider tries his best to come across as someone who hasn't been rich for his entire life. That means he's mostly trying to pass off the story of Forrest Gump as his own life. That's ridiculous. He can't hope to build something real with Avery if he is afraid to be honest with her. However, that leads to the revelation that she actually comes from family money as well. As such, they too may actually be perfect for one another. It just took a few awkward beats for them to truly come across as the genuine people that they are. They just casually choose to hangout with the Alvarez family too but only because they have nothing better to do. Elsewhere, Elena and Syd get into their first big fight. Elena is happy to celebrate her first Valentine's Day while in a relationship. She is glad she doesn't have to be stuck inside being sad on what the corporate world says should be the day of love. Of course, Penelope is more than happy to enjoy some rest and relaxation during this day. She doesn't want to celebrate it at all until rain comes and ruins all of the plans for everyone else in the family. It's horrifying to see the red paint collapse all over Elena and Syd. They clean up quickly though. Plus, that never distracts from the overall point of the story. Syd wants the generic Valentine's Day date where their girlfriend treats them to a nice restaurant and they admit their love for each other. Elena doesn't want to embrace any of the cheesy traditions. It becomes a huge fight. But they don't stay angry for very long either. In fact, it too fosters a nice conversation about honesty. As such, they admit that they actually love each other. That's a huge step for their relationship. It proves that things will remain serious between them moving forward. Their love may be young but it's just as passionate and real. And finally, Lydia and Dr. B discuss their own feelings towards this particular holiday. Their story is more of the comedic levity of the episode. Lydia is pushing Dr. B away because she doesn't want to have a date on this holiday because it would be a slap to Berto and everything he did to sweep his wife off of her feet for this celebration. Meanwhile, there are only horrors in Dr. B's past regarding this holiday because it's when his wife decided to leave him. Though it's also a solid joke when he mentions the divorce papers arrived on April Fool's Day which only confused him more.