Saturday, February 9, 2019

REVIEW: 'One Day at a Time' - Lydia Teaches Penelope Her Recipes While Dr. B Teaches Elena How to Drive in 'She Drives Me Crazy'

Netflix's One Day at a Time - Episode 3.08 "She Drives Me Crazy"

Penelope feels hurt after seeing an item on her mom's "bouquet list" that's about her. Dr. B finds the key to teaching a struggling Elena how to drive.

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"She Drives Me Crazy" was written by Andy Roth and directed by Todd Grinnell

It's so empowering to hear the words "You are enough." It's an expression of love that validates the person in the moment when they may be doubting themselves. It's something that the generations of the Alvarez family struggle expressing throughout this episode. They all have a lot on their plates. Lydia wants to pass down her recipes because she doesn't know how much time she has left in life. Penelope needs to study for her boards in order to become a nurse practitioner. And Elena is learning how to drive. All of these stories prove that the members of the family are growing and evolving. They must have these conversations in order to remain connected to one another. It's infuriating to Penelope that her mother won't just let her study. Everything has to be according to Lydia's timetable. She gets no support from her group either who all believe that Lydia is great. Any person would be lucky to learn these recipes from her. In fact, Schneider takes her up on the offer and immediately becomes a part of the family. He even makes it into the museum of accomplishments. That moment is huge even though he is quickly pushed out of the way when Penelope comes home agreeing to do this for her mother. She too has a wonderful time. She loves spending this kind of time with her mother. It's something that is important to her as well. She wanted to do this. She just didn't believe she had the time to do so at the moment. But tension emerges between them once more because of Lydia's true intentions regarding all of this. She truly believes that if Penelope can be a better cook than she will actually having a lasting relationship. That's horrifying for her to say. Penelope believes in her strong independence. She doesn't need a man in order to feel validated. She has accomplished so much in both her career and personal life. She is still trying to forge ahead with new opportunities being opened to her. She is working hard for everything that is happening. And now, her mother continues to tell her that she isn't good enough. That's depressing. It's triggering as well. It makes Penelope completely reevaluate her relationship with Elena. She knows that she was harsh with her during her driving lesson. She has happy to pass the task off to Dr. B who was glad to do it. Elena does walk away from all of this learning how to drive and looking forward at life instead of worrying about the past. She helps Dr. B take a new step forward in his relationship with his daughter as well. Sure, that's not a huge component of this story. But it's a nice gesture nonetheless. Plus, it means that Penelope is happy to embrace her daughter and empower her. She understands that this is something that needs to be said because she wants it from her own mother. Lydia can't just assume that these feelings are known and don't have to be said all of the time. Of course, she too has a point in saying that people can't expect her to change either. She is the way that she is. She believes in prioritizing love and relationships. She still sees that as the biggest thing missing from Penelope's life. Sure, Penelope is in a relationship right now with Mateo. She's also working hard elsewhere. The appreciation for that is given. It just shouldn't take this much pressure in order for it to occur. But again, it's a very nice sentiment that strengthens the bonds amongst the family.