Wednesday, February 13, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Magicians' - Josh Tries to Tame His Inner Beast While Quentin Mourns the Loss of a Family Member in 'Marry F... Kill'

Syfy's The Magicians - Episode 4.04 "Marry F... Kill"

Josh gives Margo a muffin. Julia drinks Schnapps.

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"Marry F... Kill" was written by Henry Alonso Myers and directed by John Scott

Josh's transformation into a werewolf is a such a bizarre detour for the show to take. It's something that has been previously established that he has long feared happening to him. And now, the time has come for it to occur. He also realizes he has infected the people he slept with while trapped in his alternate life. That's very damning. Though it's just one woman who has already satisfied her inner beast by murdering someone. It's either that or having sex and thus infecting that person. Josh and Margo spend the entire hour trying to find some other cure to this disease. They want some other solution. But instead, the obvious one is the one that ultimately happens. Josh and Margo sleep together. It's such an unusual and unexpected character pairing. It will forever shade the future sexual encounters they have with the other people in this world. This is a very horny show after all. However, Margo freely accepts that there is more to love and sex than simple penetration. That is very enlightened while also admitting that she does have a crush on Josh. This really could be something special that blossoms between them. It's also surprising considering they hated having to work with the Monster just in the previous episode. They did so in the hopes that Eliot was still alive in there. And now, it is confirmed to the audience that he is. Of course, the Monster is still happy to toy with people's emotions by saying that Eliot's soul has completely vanished. He tells Quentin that in the hopes of getting him to move quickly through his grief and mourning in order to return to having fun playing games with him. Quentin has just lost his father as well. And now, the Monster delivers another devastating blow with Eliot's death. And yet, the brief glimpse at Eliot seen at the end of the hour should give the audience hope that something drastic is about to happen. That too is an unusual location for him. It appears as if he is just waking up in this new world. It's him trapped within his own body. His escape should cause complications for the Monster who is still searching for his own meaning in this world. Quentin may offer him some peace by saying that parents never see their children differently. However, that's not enough to please him. And finally, the show is mostly just moving a bunch of pieces around and delivering some damning proclamations for future excitement. Alice quickly finds a new partner to work with in the Library. It just happens to be the man who molested Martin Chatwin and was tortured by the Beast. That's unexpected as well. He is looking for safe passage to a world where he can belong. He helps Alice track down the revision room where the final chapters of the books for her friends are being written. But this story mostly just sets up that Quentin's life will be in immediate peril in the next episode. And finally, Shoshana may feel defeated and depressed following the death of Bacchus but she has a new deity to follow around now in Julia. She can perform a ceremony to see what is going on with her powers. Julia learns that she has power just not magic. That too is just an interesting tease. Elsewhere, it mostly just props up the idea of Julia and Penny getting closer though it remains awkward because they have vastly different memories having come from separate timelines.