Monday, February 18, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Resident' - Mina's Mother Visits Chastain to Perform a Risky but Necessary Surgery in 'Queens'

FOX's The Resident - Episode 2.15 "Queens"

Bell's confidence in Quovadis continues to waiver when the poster child for one of its medical devices, Henry Barnett, is rushed back into the ER, experiencing seizure-like symptoms. Mina's past comes to light when her mother, famous Nigerian surgeon Dr. Okeke, pays a visit to Chastain. Conrad makes a risky move when Henry returns to the hospital.

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"Queens" was written by Jenny Deiker Restivo and directed by John Brawley

The previous episode ended on the personal cliffhanger of Micah proposing to Mina and her not giving him an immediate answer. There is barely any followup to that development here either. Micah is no where to be seen. There is no explanation for where he is or how he is feeling about how the proposal went. Mina is simply saying she has yet to make a decision. As such, the show is keeping it all in ambiguity for the moment. That's slightly odd considering just how big a Mina episode this actually is. This hour introduces her mother who happens to be a world famous surgeon from Nigeria who has dramatically changed the health care system of her country. She is revered by the global medical community. However, Mina sees her as the only option left to save a friend of hers who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She sees her mother as the best surgeon who can ensure a successful outcome to this story. That's exactly what happens as well. The rest of the time is spent on Dr. Okeke telling her daughter what she has been doing wrong while also embarrassing her in a public setting as well. This is a cruel and vindictive woman. Bell doesn't see past the charming side of her until she is throwing instruments around the operating room and yelling at the nurses. Austin can see it right away because he takes note of Mina's reaction throughout this entire experience. He sees that she isn't coping well. Mina called her mother evil. That is the broad characterization the show lands on as well. As such, it doesn't really give Lynn Whitfield a ton of interesting work to do. However, it's all in service to further expanding Mina's world while painting in her own tragic backstory. She is trying to build something at Chastain. Nothing can threaten that now because of what little she has back home in Nigeria. Of course, it's even more devastating to see the latest developments in Henry's case. That has been a medical storyline that's been simmering for a long time this season. Conrad has gotten incredibly close to the family. Everyone is fighting for Zoey and Henry at the moment. But that may not be enough to stop a second tragedy from occurring for this family. Zoey already lost one son to a destructive disease. Henry was on the brink of death as well. There was always the inevitability that the Quovadis device implanted in his head would malfunction and lead to dangerous consequences. Gordon Page is propping Henry up as the face of this miraculous medical device as well. He is the proof that the medical field is continuing to innovate and change the world. But Gordon Page can't back up any of his claims. He deserves to lose everything that he has built with this company. Bell is now faced with the reality that Chastain can no longer be associated with this company. He is right there in the room keeping Henry alive alongside Nic and Conrad. It's such a devastating and brutal final sequence. There is the hope that the doctors will prevail. The audience wants a happy ending in this case because of the time spent on it this season. But there is a looming sense of dread as well. This device is failing and it's the only thing that has stopped the frequency and severity of Henry's seizures. Quovadis may have given him more time with his mom. But in the end, it is probably only delaying the inevitable. Conrad is racing against time to save him. He is fighting passionately for this family. He succeeds here. It just may not be enough.