Sunday, March 17, 2019

REVIEW: 'Arrested Development' - Buster and Oscar Finally Learn That They Are Unwanted Men in 'Chain Migration'

Netflix's Arrested Development - Episode 5.11 "Chain Migration"

As George Sr. attempts to win back Lucille, Michael assembles a mold of their scheme. Meanwhile, Buster gets caught up in Tobias and Gob's business.

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"Chain Migration" was written by Richard Day and directed by Troy Miller

Buster and Oscar were on the run as fugitives even though they didn't need to be. And now, both of them learn that. Oscar has a run in with George Sr. and they both agree that in would be in their best interests to keep this ruse going. Oscar can bond with Buster more while George Sr. can endear himself to Lucille again. Meanwhile, Buster learns the truth from Gob who just wants a hand in disposing of the body given to him by the gay mafia. They both see the importance of this bonding experience. As such, both Buster and Oscar are willing to keep this going for a little while longer. However, it's all bound to lead to even more criminal implications for both of them because of the actions they are currently taking. Buster throws a body into the ocean. But more importantly, they are now driving around in the stair car that was also the crime scene for Lucille 2's disappearance. That's important and can ensure that they may remain targets of interest for the police. They will remain suspicious even though they are no longer chained together. They are given that opportunity at freedom. However, they chose to remain uncomfortably close with family. That's the choice that so many of these main characters make. They see it as perfectly reasonable to move their family into a makeshift tent city in the mall or hide out in the attic at the model home. Tobias keeps bouncing around to various places with his new family. He finally lands at Maeby's retirement community after learning about the ruse that she has created for herself. So, she may be able to get rid of Stan but she will now be surrounded by family once more. All of this only further proves how similar she is to her father. She may be able to turn her emotions on and off. However, it will remain interesting to see just how committed all of these individuals will be to their new personas which will make up a new version of The Golden Girls. That too could be mildly amusing. But again, there really hasn't been any big, laugh-out-loud moments for a couple of episodes now. The show thinks it's being clever in the moment where Michael and George-Michael are waiting for the new 3D printer to make the damning piece of evidence that can tip them off to George Sr. and Lucille's plans. However, it's not an original observation. Plus, it's just silly that they are waiting around when they could be making better use of their time. Moreover, Lucille and George Sr. are set to face their Chinese investors who want to know the progress of the wall being made. They believe they have lost the election and all of the money has disappeared. Of course, it wouldn't be shocking to see the show shake all of this up sooner rather than later because of the real-life politics it is also trying to play with. It's not all that engaging but it's there in the text of the story as well. But again, there are many things happening at the moment where the show is invested in the characters and what they are going through. However, the reaction may mostly be noting just how clever and amusing some bits are while still just waiting for them to collectively come together in an outrageous fashion that makes it all worth it in the end.