Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Development News - John Slattery to Star in 'Next'; Steve Kazee Set as Male Lead in 'Lovestruck'; Plus 2 More Updates!

Development News - March 19, 2019

CBS' Alive; FOX's Lovestruck & Next; and NBC's Lincoln.

  • John Slattery will star in the drama pilot written by Manny Coto. Jason Butler Harner has also been cast today. Slattery previously starred for seven seasons in AMC's Mad Men, which earned him four Emmy nominations. He recently appeared in an episode of Amazon's The Romanoffs and next appears in Amazon's upcoming anthology Modern Love. Harner starred for two seasons in Netflix's Ozark.
  • Slattery will play Paul LeBlanc, an extremely intelligent but paranoid former tech CEO. People think he may be a sociopath but he's really just a narcissist with money instead of social graces. He joins a homeland cybersecurity team to stop the world's first artificial intelligence crisis.
  • Harner will play Ted LeBlanc, Paul's somewhat narrow-minded younger brother who is a corporate executive at a tech company.
  • Steve Kazee will play the male lead in the drama pilot starring Rachel Bilson and Andie MacDowell. He is a Tony and Grammy winner for his performance in the musical Once. He has also recurred on Showtime's Shameless.
  • He will play Alex Fletcher, the groom. He is a charming, caring and earnest music journalist who has a way with words and loves music.
  • Ramses Jimenez, Brooke Lyons and Roslyn Ruff have joined the cast of the drama pilot starring Russell Hornsby and Arielle Kebbel. Jimenez has recurred on AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, CBS' Wisdom of the Crowd and Starz's Vida. Lyons starred in The CW's one-season drama Life Sentence. Ruff has recurred on CBS' Madam Secretary and HBO's Divorce.
  • Jimenez will play Eric Ortiz, an NYPD detective and Sellitto's (Michael Imperioli) new partner.
  • Lyons will play Kate, an invaluable addition to the investigative team.
  • Ruff will play Claire, Lincoln's (Hornsby) caregiver.
  • Ryan Phillippe, Katrina Law and Aaron Staton have been cast as the leads in the drama pilot (previously Frankenstein) written by Jason Tracey. Phillippe starred for one season in ABC's Secrets and Lies and three seasons in USA's Shooter. Law starred for two seasons in Sony Crackle's The Oath and has recurred on The CW's Arrow. Staton starred for seven seasons in AMC's Mad Men and one season in Netflix's Narcos: Mexico.
  • Phillippe will play Mark Escher, a San Francisco police investigator who was presumed dead after an attack and destructive fire at his home. Six months later, he shocking reappears and is reunited with his wife, Elizabeth. But something has changed. A shadow has fallen across his sunny disposition, and he's haunted by visions of the case he was working on when he died. He and Elizabeth will seek answers about who shot and abducted him, and what was done to him.
  • Law will play Elizabeth Lavenza, a pathologist and medical examiner who is stunned when her husband returns from the dead. Though she's thrilled to have him back, she knows there's a secret behind his disappearance, his reappearance and his new personality - and she thinks she knows exactly who's responsible.
  • Staton will play Dr. Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant, slightly odd and driven - perhaps obsessed - scientist who is working on a secret, cutting-edge project. On the run from an ethics board in China, he is back in the U.S. where he works in a lab and is very involved in whatever it is that's going with Escher. He is also Elizabeth's ex.