Thursday, March 7, 2019

REVIEW: 'Grey's Anatomy' - Meredith Is Struck With Inspiration While DeLuca Deals with His Father in 'Blood and Water'

ABC's Grey's Anatomy - Episode 15.16 "Blood and Water"

Meredith finds herself having to side with either Alex or DeLuca during a difficult situation, but she doesn't want to betray either of them. Maggie reveals details about her personal life that cause a public stir. Levi struggles with whether or not to tell his family about Nico.

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"Blood and Water" was written by Kiley Donovan and directed by Pete Chatmon

There have been many complicated relationships between parents and their children over the course of this series. In fact, almost all of the main characters have had problematic dynamics with their parents. As such, it's meaningful that Kate Burton returns here as Ellis Grey. However, it's such a weird and random appearance as well. Sure, it allows the audience to imagine a world in which Maggie, Amelia and Zola could interact with her. But it's ultimately not about any of them. Instead, it's a secret that needs to be told to Meredith so that she can make her latest medical breakthrough. That happens at the start of this hour. It takes until the very end for Meredith to even tease what all of this could possibly mean. As such, it's just an awkward inclusion that really doesn't enhance the overall theme of the hour. Plus, it's just as important for more of the main characters to be shifting their focus to how they are becoming the complicated parents in this situation. Sure, the children of the main characters are rarely seen onscreen. They don't really have much importance and the audience doesn't really have to worry about their safety at any moment in time. And yet, Owen and Amelia are figuring out the custody arrangement for Leo while Jo is suddenly hit with the realization that everyone else is planning on her getting pregnant already. With Owen and Amelia, they are both willing to put in the work because they love Leo even though they are no longer together. However, Amelia has the clarity that this schedule won't work in the longterm especially once Teddy gives birth. She has the clarity to know that she is no longer in love with Owen. He confirms those feelings by lashing out at her too by saying that she is never capable of feeling love towards anyone because she is afraid of it. That was a tendency of hers when she had her tumor. And now, it may just be who she is. That is so hurtful. But it also solidifies the situation in which Amelia is removing herself completely in order to do what's best for Leo. Meanwhile, Jo is looking to Jackson for advice on just how annoying kids can be. She has always wanted them with Alex. But now, Alex and his mother are actively planning for it. He is doing so even though he has his hands full as the chief of the hospital. Jo's freak out also prompts her to learn more about her genetic makeup considering she can't just ask her parents about the risks they carry. She has no desire to reach out and reconnect with them. She sees that as a part of her past she doesn't need to revisit. But she also sees the importance of testing in order to offer her child a better informed future. She doesn't want her children to hurt the same way that she did. That's admirable and proves that she will be a great mother. Of course, there are still plenty of characters dealing with the oversized personalities of their parents. The arrival of DeLuca's father immediately presented a new complication for him and his burgeoning romance with Meredith. She knows a thing about brilliant but challenging parents. She has a perspective that he may not have in this situation. He wants to believe that his father is better now and capable of revolutionizing the medical world. And yet, he has also never been diagnosed despite the public mistakes he has made in the past. Sure, Alex is still willing to invest in his research because a baby in a bag could be so transformational to his field. But it's also ridiculous that Alex had to be told about these past mistakes instead of having the awareness to do the research himself before handing him money to continue the program at the hospital.