Wednesday, March 6, 2019

REVIEW: 'I'm Sorry' - A New Babysitter Makes Andrea and Mike Uncomfortable in 'Miss Diana Ross'

TruTV's I'm Sorry - Episode 2.09 "Miss Diana Ross"

When Andrea's neighbor begins renting his house out on Airbnb, Andrea tries to avoid a confrontation. Andrea and Mike struggle to find a new babysitter.

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"Miss Diana Ross" was written by Krister Johnson and directed by Alex Reid

Andrea and Mr. Castellotti have had a major push-pull dynamic throughout this entire season. At first, Andrea thought he was creepy and shouldn't be teaching kindergarten. He has always presented as a professional who has done a solid job as a teacher though. Of course, Andrea was also unnerved by him using the word "menses" in order to describe a woman getting her period and Amelia coming to learn about that already. And now, Andrea once again finds herself immediately judging someone because of the terminology they use in order to describe a part of the female anatomy. She and Mike are so impressed by the new babysitter that they get for Amelia. Diana seems like the best person they could have hired for the job. And yet, she refers to the vagina as the "front tushy." That is so weird and cringe-worthy. Both Andrea and Mike are annoyed by it. They immediately start to have doubts about her ability to care for their daughter. They expect a woman in her 20s to be more comfortable with her body especially when Andrea gives her permission to be as graphic as possible. Andrea isn't the type of person to hold back at all. She will have a frank and graphic discussion with anyone even if she doesn't know them very well. In this situation though, Andrea and Mike are mostly talking about Diana behind her back. Brian is the only person who sees a problem with Andrea referring to her as Diana Ross as well. He sees that as appropriation and not the proper way for Andrea to describe just how perfect she is for her family. Andrea refers to her as such even when she is annoyed by this little detail that has come up. And yet, she and Mike have to continue to rely on her because she is the only person who can look after Amelia when they get court side tickets to a Lakers game. That is their priority at the moment. They can be concerned while still wanting to go to this game as well. But all of this does connect back to Mr. Castelloti because this is the episode where Andrea actually forms a bond with him. Everyone has been teasing her about the sex dream she had about him. Mike is doing it. Brian is doing it. Even Sharon is doing it. Everyone is aware of it and won't let Andrea forget. She plays into the teasing as well because that's simply the way that she deals with the world. It was all bound to come back to hurt her at some point. That arrives here in which she includes Mr. Castelloti on an email in which she frankly discusses having sex with him. That is so embarrassing for her and makes her fear what the ramifications will be for her. And yet, it also proves that he has the exact same worldview as her. He can make jokes at his own expense despite how wildly sexual and inappropriate they can be. It's the first real and honest conversation that they have ever had. This is a man who gets her sense of humor and can throw it right back at her. That's completely unexpected. But it also means that Andrea has a newfound appreciation for him as well. That's surprising. Of course, she is still ruining plenty of lives too. Her next door neighbor is still putting up with her antics. Sure, Andrea and Mike have to deal with a lot as well because of all the renters now staying in the house. A woman literally comes into their home and immediately throws up. That's disgusting long before the camera reveals Andrea is barefoot. They were willing to put up with all of that though. The line was crossed eventually though mostly because of the excessive people and the volume of marijuana smoking. On the surface, that's not bad but it was actually a party full of more illegal activities which should rightfully cause even more concern and consequences - which they do even though Andrea doesn't want to take credit for them.