Sunday, March 17, 2019

REVIEW: 'Now Apocalypse' - Uly Explores Alien Conspiracies While Ford Has a New Sexual Experience in 'Where Is My Mind?'

Starz's Now Apocalypse - Episode 1.02 "Where Is My Mind?"

Ulysses researches information about alien reptile conspiracies and gets ghosted by Gabriel. Ford catches his big break as a screenwriter. Carly attends acting class. Severine and Ford explore non-monogamy.

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"Where Is My Mind?" was written by Gregg Araki & Karley Sciortino and directed by Gregg Araki

This show really is trying to pull off such a unique balance of stories. For the majority of its running time, it's about a group of characters and how they feel regarding their sexual relationships. But then, there is also this possible reptile alien rape storyline that is seeping though everything that Uly is doing. As such, it feels like he isn't thinking a ton about the great first date he had with Gabriel who seems like his mirror image. More of that date is seen here in which Gabriel also admits to having very vivid dreams. That means there absolutely has to be some reason as to why he hasn't texted Uly back following their back alley hookup. Uly is the kind of guy who falls in love way too fast in a relationship. He is still dealing with his feelings for Ford even though he understands that that relationship will never actually happen. But again, so much time is spent on him researching all of these alien conspiracies online. Sure, it can be read as a biting criticism of the younger generation in that he believes a video he sees solely because it has over two million viewers. He puts his trust in people that the internet has already validated and supported. He just doesn't want to do any of that research himself. Carly is the one who approaches all of this with the sensibility that Uly imagined all of this when he got knocked out from his bike accident. That's the easy explanation. It's the show essentially teasing the audience along as well. We are left guessing as to if this is real or if Uly is simply too high all the time. That may be true. He does smoke a lot. But there also may be more going on as suggested by the glimpses of photos from Severine's top-secret government work. That too could be very telling. But again, it's more fascinating to take all of this from a character perspective. Uly is a guy with no ambition in his life who suddenly sees all of these cosmic things that are bound to shake up his reality. That may be the case or it may be him projecting his feelings onto the situation a little too much. Meanwhile, things are a bit more grounded with Carly and Ford's relationships. They are both given the opportunities to try something new here too. Of course, Ford is really dim and unable to see how the world is manipulating him and his simplistic view on things. He is more than likely being scammed by Barnabas. And yet, Ford doesn't care because he can still go to Hollywood parties and meet celebrities. That's a dream come true for him. He also wants to spend more time with Severine though. He wants her to be happy that his script is going to be produced. She does give him the gift of a threesome. However, that moment is equally about her because it highlights how he needs to profess his love for everything in order to be aroused while she wants to show that people are fundamentally always thinking about others and can't just be asked to be monogamous in any given situation. They still obtain pleasure from this encounter and remain close as a couple. But it should be fascinating to see how all of this develops. And finally, it doesn't take long before Jethro discovers the box of sex toys that Carly is keeping in her closet for her cam work. Before that moment, she was really just going through the motions of sex with him. She needed a vibrator to get off herself. Her cam work was something that needed to be kept hidden because she didn't think he would understand and be into it. However, he surprises her. Sure, she spanks him too hard. But they also have the most exciting sex they have had so far. That's a huge development as well that may actually make this an honest and real relationship after all.