Wednesday, March 20, 2019

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - Patrick Has a Surprising Conversation with His Parents at His Birthday Party in 'Meet the Parents'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 5.11 "Meet the Parents"

Patrick's parents are in town for his surprise party, but the parents end up with an even bigger surprise. Alexis drags Moira to a soap opera convention.

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"Meet the Parents" was written by Daniel Levy and directed by Jordan Canning

This show made the active decision not to feature any homophobia at all. That was a creative decision made early on because the creative team wanted to live in the world they aspire to have. It may be a fantasy to some. But it's also a breath of fresh air to so many. It's important to see these stories without any kind of fear that the worst will also be exposed in the humanity around them. If someone has a problem with David or Patrick, it has nothing to do with their relationship. The show is very open and accepting in that way. In fact, David and Patrick's relationship has become quite the focal point for the series over the past few seasons. They love each other. It is so beautiful and moving to watch. They bring out new qualities in each other that only make them better people. David doesn't like the idea of surprise parties. But he's also willing to throw one because Patrick has never had one and would like that experience in his life. It's a meaningful gesture. However, it's ruined by the idea of Patrick's parents coming to town and not knowing everything that is currently going on in Patrick's new life. They are shocked by the news of Patrick and David's romantic relationship when Johnny makes a casual reference to it. And yet, there is never any real concern that they wouldn't be accepting of their son. That's simply not what this show is. It wants to lift these stories up and prove just how aspirational this world can be. It's making everyone feel safe and loved. That's so powerful. However, the fear of being rejected is still very powerful for Patrick. He has never known the right way to tell his parents about his relationship with David. They know that they are in business together. They have talked with David before. But David and the rest of the Rose family was operating under the belief that Patrick was close with his family and told them everything about his life. They saw him as open and honest in that way. As such, it is shocking to see that this is still a secret. But it's also incredibly relatable to so many LGBTQ youths who understand that their parents will more than probably be accepting of them but are still plagued with that small thought that they may not be. That little doubt is enough to keep people in the closet because of the fear of changing a personal dynamic that is already so great. Patrick is ashamed of this revelation. David is nothing but supportive as well. Sure, it may ruin the surprise of this party. However, it's the right and admirable thing to do. That proves that David is stepping up as the responsible boyfriend who deserves so many great things from this relationship. They are tackling every hurdle together. David tries to smooth everything over to ensure that everyone is alright and processing this information in a healthy. Patrick's parents are only concerned about why he thought he needed to keep this from them for so long. That too is a very understandable and relatable impulse. They are shocked that Patrick didn't think he could talk to them about it. However, the moment remains squarely on Patrick who does have that conversation. His parents may not be great liars. They aren't able to sell that this is a surprise and they are offering their genuine reactions to the news. But having time for them to process it beforehand may only make the moment better for Patrick. It's so rewarding in so many ways. Sure, he still has to confirm with David all the work he did behind-the-scenes to make all of this gracefully happen. And yet, he also appreciates having a boyfriend who will do all of that in a selfless way to protect the person that he loves. It's so emotional but so fantastic to watch. This may truly be the highlight of the season so far.