Thursday, March 7, 2019

REVIEW: 'Station 19' - Andy and Sullivan Fight to Keep Their Patient Alive After Another Accident in 'Crash and Burn'

ABC's Station 19 - Episode 2.08 "Crash and Burn"

In the aftermath of the windstorm, Andy and Sullivan's fates remain unknown while trapped in the overturned aid car. Back at the station, the team confronts Jack about his well-being; and when it's safe enough to venture out, they search for their fellow firefighters in a race against time.

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"Crash and Burn" was written by Tia Napolitano and directed by Paris Barclay

Both Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 used the windstorm as the disaster to close out their fall run of episodes. It was this massive event that shaped stories on both shows. Both dramas chose to end on some daunting cliffhangers as well. Here, Andy and Sullivan where seen in a tipped over ambulance at the bottom of a hill. Of course, there is an expected catchup quality to this hour as well because it's the first episode since that windstorm even though Grey's Anatomy has been airing new episodes since January. As such, it's no longer a surprise that Ben and Bailey get back together because that was a difficult conversation they already had on the other show. Plus, it ensured that at some point there would be a time jump to ensure that everything lined up once more. That is all convenient and expected. It already presents as a fascinating way to shake up the stories as well. Of course, all of this may not matter in the grand scheme of things. For those viewers watching way after the fact, it won't matter that Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 weren't synced up for a little bit. They are just engaged in the stories happening on this show at this moment in time. As such, it's fascinating to see how the show tries to balance the life-or-death stakes of Andy and Sullivan trapped in the ambulance with a patient and the low-key stakes of everyone else back at the station. Sure, not everything is peaceful at the firehouse. But it's also clear that the show is trying to heighten that personal drama so that everything feels more unified as Andy and Sullivan are fighting for their lives. It's a balance that doesn't quite work though. The team needed to say something to Jack about his PTSD. It is having an impact on the job which could put all of them in danger. He doesn't want to hear it. He lashes out after he is kept off duty as well. When the time jump happens, he only makes a little bit of progress. That may prove that the show wants to tell the longterm ramifications of the things seen on this job and how they can mess with the minds of anyone no matter their rank. It means that Maya and Pruitt are quickly called into action as well. They are the ones leading the rescue mission because they are the only people Ripley can count on to do the job. However, no mention is given as to Maya's standing at a different firehouse after the time jump now that she has become a lieutenant. Or perhaps she hasn't moved on because Jack's absence has created a vacancy at Station 19. That's what he always feared. It has now come true. And yet, she is still there to help him through therapy. That is meaningful as well. But again, all of the tension should be placed on the precarious situation Andy and Sullivan are in at the moment. It's a traumatic experience in which they are stranded with no way to call for help and no one coming to save them. The moment that their patient started talking about needing her grandmother to see her wearing her neckless it became clear that she was going to die. That's exactly what happens as well. It's still emotionally devastating for Andy. She is constantly fighting to keep all of them alive. They fear that Sullivan may have a spinal injury and may never be able to walk again. Even after the time jump, he is still going through rehab and only able to walk with the help of a crutch. He may also have difficulty remembering. Of course, all of this also allows Andy to show off her skills as a hero. She saves the day by climbing the cliff and setting off a flare. That's the signal that allows them to be rescued. It's not in time to save everyone though. That's what haunts Andy for months to come. She may have moved into a new apartment but she's still dealing with this trauma. She may need therapy as well. As such, it's clear that everyone is going through a bit of emotional turmoil at the moment which is creating plenty of melodrama to go around.