Thursday, March 28, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Other Two' - Chase Makes a Decision that Changes Brooke and Cary's Plans in 'Chase Performs at the VMAs'

Comedy Central's The Other Two - Episode 1.10 "Chase Performs at the VMAs"

Chase performs live for the first time ever, and Brooke and Cary get life-changing news - followed by more life-changing news.

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"Chase Performs at the VMAs" was written by Chris Kelly & Sarah Schneider and directed by Chris Kelly

It's absolutely ridiculous that no one in the family or any of the producers at the VMAs realized that Chase couldn't actually perform live. The audience has always been asked to be a little skeptical of his musical abilities given just how auto-tuned his three songs have been so far. Streeter has absolutely made him famous. It's just fascinating to see the show dissect how easy it is to attract fame while it also being difficult to maintain it. Streeter and the entire publicity team have been trying to keep the momentum going. This entire season has only seen things continue to go well for Chase too. He has kept getting more and more success. It has all culminated in this performance at the VMAs. The entire family is so proud of him. They all make sure to be there to experience this big moment with him. Brooke actually prioritizes Chase's feelings in what he wants to do out on stage as well. She doesn't want it to be some kind of stunt put together at the last minute. She wants to hold to the plan they all agreed to produce. Of course, a stripped down version of "Stink" doesn't sound like a good idea at all. Sure, that song is absolutely crazy. But it's also meant to be delivered as an upbeat pop song where the listeners don't have to focus too closely on the actual lyrics to realize just how gross it actually is. Here, everything is delivered with such sincerity. Chase is given this moment with all the support he needs to actually break out and deliver a remarkable performance. He just doesn't have the musical chops to actually pull it off. That's devastating and may mean that the fame is quickly fading for the entire family. Sure, there are still superfans outside who are obsessed with every member of the Dubek family. But the family is prioritizing how everyone is doing even though everyone has been trying to cash in on the success that Chase has garnered as of late. He is crushed after this performance. And yet, he manages to rebound quickly with the idea that he could just take some time off and go to college. That is the worst possible news that Streeter could hear in that moment. However, it's what Chase believes he needs to do because he got the random advise from Michael Che. That's so unexpected and crazy. Chase is 14 and is accepted to Cary's dream school. But it also means the next steps in everyone's careers will be put on hold. Chase is doing this for himself. He sees it as the thing he needs to be doing. Life as a performer is no longer as fun as it used to be. That reaction needs to be valid. The other characters can't just put their selfish needs above his. It just means that Cary is given this great opportunity to star in a movie alongside his brother only for it to be taken away suddenly. Meanwhile, Brooke finally finds her calling in wanting to be a manager. She could work with Streeter to oversee Chase's career. That's the direction she has been searching for all season long. She achieves it only to see her client want to pursue something else entirely in his life. As such, everyone feels a little defeated after this night. It may be the family coming back down to reality and being normal again. It could be healthy for everyone not to have someone famous in the family at this moment in time. They need the time to truly reflect and actually focus on how to become better and more genuine people. And yet, none of them may have that time because Pat is given a huge opportunity that will only keep the family in the spotlight. Brooke and Cary may not know it yet but their mother is going to host a daytime talk show. That too could be seen as so random and sudden. But it also proves that anyone in this family truly has the potential of being famous. It will just continue to be interesting to see who can actually maintain it over time. Pat got so much support after telling the truth about her husband's death. And now, she is given a new platform to continue telling stories like that. That's very exciting.