Thursday, March 14, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Other Two' - Chase's Birthday Party Ends in Disaster for Nearly Everyone in 'Chase Turns Fourteen'

Comedy Central's The Other Two - Episode 1.08 "Chase Turns Fourteen"

Streeter throws Chase a 14th birthday party at a wildly inappropriate club. Brooke and Cary each reconnect with a guy from their past. Pat takes molly with some girl named Mona.

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"Chase Turns Fourteen" was written by Chris Kelly & Sarah Schneider and directed by Andrew DeYoung

Life has changed in so many ways already for Cary and Brooke over the course of this season. They didn't know how Chase's newfound fame would change them. It has become an all-consuming part of their lives as well. They have a famous brother. People know who they are because of their connection to him. However, neither of them know exactly what to do with that kind of recognition. They have both been going through some existential crises this season without really having the words to describe what's been happening. They have grown and embraced some things that have been genuinely healthy for them. However, the season is also highlighting how fame can be corrosive as well. It means that Chase celebrates his 14th birthday at a wildly inappropriate party. Brooke is the one who has to care for him. She isn't his mother. She doesn't believe that she should have that responsibility. And yet, it's her burden to carry because Pat has taken molly and is useless throughout this party. That may be inherently reckless of her because of the slowly teased details about her husband and how he died. The season still hasn't shared exactly what happened there. The audience knows that it's tragic and Chase doesn't know the truth. But now, it's clear that he was an alcoholic. That played a significant role in things. Brooke and Cary had to live through that while Chase has been shielded from it. As such, he has an image of his father that's different than what his siblings have. But he is also the one throwing up because he got drunk at this party. This isn't an environment he should have been at in the first place. It's incredibly irresponsible of Streeter. He doesn't care though. He simply has a perception of what fame is and how to maintain it in this industry. Of course, he does have some clues because Chase's fame has continued to grow throughout the season. But the actions of this episode can be destructive to the core family as well. Chase getting drunk doesn't blow up into some big scandal picked up by the media. It's still a private moment that Brooke is able to carry him through with the help of Lance. But it's also incredibly surreal and different. That's what Brooke and Cary have to reckon with. Chase's childhood is changing rapidly. His fourteenth birthday party is insanely different than theirs. Cary's revolved around gumdrops simply because that's what Pat could throw together at that moment in time. And now, they are at this party where Cary is awkwardly singing "Happy Birthday" to his brother. It's crazy. But it also shows how Cary craves the spotlight as well. He is more into making a good impression than actually worrying about his family or exploring his new connection with Jeremy. That was a relationship that really could have blossomed into something. However, Jeremy is very grounded in this world. He has the perspective to feel strong and secure in his life. Cary wants that but doesn't know how to achieve it. Chase's fame has only exasperated all of these feelings as well. That's tragic. Though the show gets to make a fun spoof of Call Me By Your Name as well which is really effective. Plus, it seems like Brooke is coming through on her own perspective as well. Sure, her relationship with Lance may not be great in the long run. In this moment though, he is the exact person she needs to help her deal with everything that happens throughout the night. That's very special and should be cherished moving forward.