Thursday, March 21, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Other Two' - The Family Hits Their Breaking Points on a Plane Together in 'Chase Drops His First Album'

Comedy Central's The Other Two - Episode 1.09 "Chase Drops His First Album"

Chase throws an album release party on a plane, and a devastating family secret is accidentally exposed on the livestream.

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"Chase Drops His First Album" was written by Chris Kelly & Sarah Schneider and directed by Chris Kelly

This season established a mystery surrounding the death of Cary, Brooke and Chase's father. His passing was recent but preceded the events of the series. It was something the family talked around instead of addressing directly. Clues have been dropped throughout the episodes. Chase was told his dad died of cancer but that wasn't true at all. He apparently had a drinking problem. The family couldn't even say the cover story in public because that too could damage Chase's new career. It was all bound to come out sooner rather than later. It would more than likely harm the family in some deeply personal way as well. Cary and Brooke feel the impulse to protect Chase. They want him to succeed while still shielding him from the dark truth. He didn't know anything about his father's drinking. He only had happy memories of him. Cary and Brooke lived long enough to see him as a complicated human being. This episode even addresses the fact that he wasn't all that supportive of Cary coming out as gay. It's something that Pat is willing to write off as a generational thing. He just didn't have the capacity to understand and express himself in a healthy way. However, it seems like he put the family through a lot. And now, he is continuing to do so because Chase is dropping his first album and wishes to donate a portion of the profits to cancer research in honor of his father. He believes he is acting selflessly. Of course, Streeter and Shuli are fully onboard because it's good PR for their client. However, it sends Brooke and Cary spinning because all of this is happening on their father's birthday. It all stings just a little bit more on this specific day. They are the ones dealing with it though. Chase is oblivious to the truth while Pat just wants to deflect for as long as possible. She too has understood the impulse to keep the truth and cover-up from being told to the public. But now, she just wants to have fun during this drop party on an airplane. That is such an unusual setting for all of this. It continues to prove that so much of the industry strives to be unique even though it makes people painfully uncomfortable in the process. The only corner of this plane people can go to for privacy is the bathroom. Every other section is being recorded and streamed live to the millions of ChaseDreams' fans around the world. They are excited for the launch of his new music. Sure, it may just be three songs and nine remixes. But that's still enough to make the world go crazy. But all of this is much more personal for the family. Brooke and Cary are both having the serious conversation with Pat about telling Chase the truth. She cracks under the pressure. She explodes in front of the entire plane and the cameras. It's not a private moment amongst the family. This isn't something that can be controlled. It's a fantastic spotlight for Molly Shannon. She infuses Pat with the sense of desperation to have fun after a lifetime of caring for an alcoholic husband and raising three children. She has deserved this break. And yet, one of her children still needs a parent. All of this may only point out how those in the public spotlight aren't really given the time to process any kind of difficult emotions. Pat and Chase understand the importance of him taking a break for a month in order to regroup after this revelation. However, he's not given that time off because a huge opportunity lands at his feet with performing at the VMA's. All of this may only boost his popularity as well. Chase having a father who froze to death after passing out drunk may actually make him unique in the world. That story is enough to get people to talk about their own troubled parents and their compromising deaths. Sure, it's odd to see Streeter attempt to find a way to connect with the family through this. But it's a sweet moment as well because it shows that he does care and wants the family to heal. No matter what happens this family needs each other for as much support as possible. Thankfully, they have that. It's just in their own specific and weird way.