Monday, March 4, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Resident' - The Doctors at Chastain Work Together to Expose the Deception of Quovadis in 'Adverse Events'

FOX's The Resident - Episode 2.16 "Adverse Events"

The surgeons are determined to shut down Quovadis after Henry Barnett almost loses his life due to a device malfunction. As Mina and Devon set out to find the truth, Bell, AJ and Conrad work to save the life of Chastain's favorite custodian, Simon. One of Alec's old patients ends up in the ER, forcing him to question if he made the right choice to leave his old practice for Nic's clinic.

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"Adverse Events" was written by Marc Halsey and directed by Bronwen Hughes

Henry's near-death had to be the breaking point in Chastain's relationship with Quovadis. There was no way any of the doctors or hospital staff could see that as a beneficial partnership that would ultimately save lives. In fact, it is destroying many because of the post-op complications and malfunctions. This is a dangerous company that is putting numerous lives in danger. It's also on the verge of going public while flourishing in its relationship with the military. It's so shocking and disappointing that all of these life-or-death stakes aren't the reason why people decide to stop doing business with the company too. The show is very cynical in that way. Bell and Marshall are on the same side for once in knowing that it's the moral thing to do in this situation. The rest of the hospital board is more skeptical because of how financially lucrative this partnership has been for the bottom line. Meanwhile, the general at the big demonstration trusts the information that Quovadis has provided him and the awareness that the government has already signed off on this idea. He wants the proof that PTSD can be treated and even cured. He wants to make advances in helping veterans with these massive issues they face upon returning home. He cares about them. Of course, he only cares so far as it looks good to the world at large. The evidence that Mina and Devon present him isn't going to change his mind. However, the information that Marshall has about Gordon lying about where the products are made does the trick. That's so outrageous and proves just how fickle all of this can really be. The fate of people's lives are in the hands of people who can change their minds at any moment depending on what works for them. As such, it runs the risk of being impersonal. Gordon doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. He has the confidence knowing that he has leverage over Zoey because of her financial situation. Instead of going public with her story about how Quovadis almost killed her son, she is taking a ton of money to ensure that Henry's future care is the best out there. She understands the impulse to go public. She wants to make the company pay for all of this. But she also has to prioritize her son and his future as well. That may be the end of their story this season. It's one that concludes on a hopeful note because an experimental procedure could ultimately save Henry's life. It just leaves the staff at Chastain trying to find a new way to take down Quovadis before they can successfully implant this device in dozens of vets. That's a publicity stunt that is bound to go awry no matter what. This is something that is worth fighting against and exposing. However, Quovadis and Gordon Page would never be done as antagonists so long as the mystery remained as to what happened to Julian. She isn't mentioned here at all. The show still has plot threads that need to be tied up in that endeavor. And so, there is that last minute twist of Marshall destroying this company just so he can come in and take it over. That too runs the risk of destroying the relationship he has with Conrad. His son is questioning if he will always be this passionate and optimistic about the health care system. He wants to do the right thing. And yet, Bell used to be the same person. Now, he needs constant pushing and still is a despicable human being most of the time. He still feels these emotions and wants to make a difference. But it's very hard to change a situation that is stacked against the people who simply can't afford to take it on. It works for Bell, Marshall and Gordon. But Nic and Alec's patient has to almost kill herself in order to get a surgery.