Monday, March 25, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Resident' - Devon and the Hospital Staff Learn What Happened to Julian in 'Emergency Contact'

FOX's The Resident - Episode 2.18 "Emergency Contact"

Chastain picks up the pieces after the fallout with Quovadis, leaving Marshall ready to charter new territory in the medical field, and Devon to finally discover the truth about what happened to Julian. As Conrad and Alec team up to help a young gymnast experiencing mysterious symptoms, Nic focuses on her sister, who's back with their estranged father, Kyle, in tow. Bell rushes to Kitt's aid when her ex-husband comes to the ER needing emergency surgery.

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"Emergency Contact" was written by Marqui Jackson & Michael Notarile and directed by Satya Bhabha

What happened to Julian? That was the biggest lingering question when the show chose to end the Quovadis storyline in the previous episode. Gordon Page went out in a big explosion. The main antagonist for the season is gone. And now, it's clear that the show is closing one chapter of its stories a little bit. That means providing more resolution for what happened to Julian. This hour is sending some characters off to new and potentially better opportunities while also starting some new plot threads that should carry the show through to its season finale. Sure, it's a little oddly paced for the overall narrative of the season. But crafting 22 episodes of story is difficult especially for a show with some strong serialization of its medical storylines. Here though, it's just casually revealed that Julian is still alive. She went into hiding after being driven off the road. It was the evidence she collected though that prompted Marshall to attack Quovadis so directly. As such, there was the sense that everything she did during the first half of the season had a purpose to it. It just takes until this episode for that clarity to set in. It mostly just means that Julian and Devon get to spend the week having sex. That's not an inherently bad thing. Of course, they also have to have the serious talk about what happened during his wedding. He did call things off with Priya because of Julian. And now, she can give him these brief moments of bliss and happiness. But she is exploring new opportunities for her career. She aspires to form a nonprofit that can hold medical device companies and the entire health care industry accountable for their actions. That's very noble. It also creates a reality in which she can reappear in the future even though it's also a pleasant sendoff for her here. She is also joined by Marshall who suddenly decides that he no longer wishes to control the board of the hospital. He's not falling on his sword in order to deal with the fallout of Chastain's relationship with Quovadis either. He is simply following in his son's footsteps by recognizing that something needs to be done to dramatically change the medical industry. Marshall sees an opportunity to redevelop Quovadis as a medical device company that can actually do all the good Gordon Page claimed they could. Marshall has the perspective to understand what's at stake. Plus, this isn't the end of the relationship he has with his son. Conrad still wants to be a part of his life even though they will no longer be working in the same building together. He is at peace with his father. The same cannot be said for Nic though. Jessie returns to her life here in failing health. She is joined by her father, Kyle. He is a reckless showman who is inherently selfish and destructive. He is always trying to pitch a new idea to someone in the hopes that he can change the world. He believes he's just one step away from his big break. Of course, he also runs whenever things get too serious. Sure, he's staying by Jessie's side as her kidneys are shutting down as a result of the drug trial. But Nic still doesn't trust him. She needs to focus on her work which also includes telling Alec once more that they need to remain professional. Elsewhere, Mina decides to accept Micah's proposal but he rescinds the offer because she took too long to decide and cut him out of the process entirely. That feels like a justified reaction on his part. And yet, it doesn't sting as hard as it probably should have. And finally, Kitt's loving ex-husband requires a delicate surgeon and has placed all of his trust in her to make the right medical decisions for him. It's clear that all of this is bringing them closer together and may throw a wrench in whatever has been developing between her and Bell.